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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to Maitain your Google page rank

There are many ways to maintain the your google page rank.
  • To maintain the same google page rank or to improve your google page rank, first you have to get many back links to your blog.
  • Next important thing is, You have to catch more daily visitors to your blog.
  • Mostly Google reduces the page rank of blogger's who does paid advertisements, to escape from this, Remove all sponsored post tags on each of your posts. Search engines can follow these tags to determine if you are being paid for posts.
  • Also Remove any other tags like "hire me" and "review me". Any general affiliate banners are fine to keep.
So, blog and earn as much as you can and maintain the same Google page rank by following the rules.

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Trix said...

Lot more than this..

btb.. where are the tamil movie reviews ? I could find all other things other than thal.. lolz..