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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nokia new Bluetooth HeadSet and Desktop speakers

After Motorola introduced its first high quality bluetooth headset with its motorcker model. Nokia has now chipped in and introduced Bluetooth HeadSet and Speakers for Desktop Computers. This enables you to use these accessories any where within the range of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth head set can only be connected to your Nokia Mobile phones, Most 0f the Nokia phones are compatible with this Headset. The outlook of both theBluetooth Headset and Desktop speakers really fascinates people. The Desktop Speaker type can be charged using a Nokia Charger AC-4 or you could use 4AA batteries.

An useful tool for checking your future page rank...

There is a tool named Google future page rank finder, its an useful tool for finding your google future page Rank. Just search for "google future rank" in google search. There will be many website found for finding your google page rank in Google search result. Copy your blog url and paste in the box given in the website, and the result will be your future page rank when google does its next update. Try this tool and find out what will be your blog Future page rank.... To increase your google page rank click here.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Customize your Gnome and Win a $350 BestBuy Gift Card!!

Could you ever image about these kind of things happen that they would happen in your life....? Yes these happen only with your bling Gnome. Let me first of all tell what does Bling Gnome mean, because this is a new term that most of you may be unaware of. The Dungeon Runner is an Online game and it is an MMO, where multi players all around the world can play via internet. The Bling gnome is a tricked up helper to help Gnome with little bit of attitude. As per the game rules the gnome has to go to the town to sell all the collected items and convert them to gold, but using Bling Gnome the gnome in the game will automatically converts all the collected items to gold and Saves the time of the user. Isn't it interesting?
Here is the way how to win $350 worth gift card and a copy of game using your home bought gnome, it is very simple......
First buy a Gnome from a store and Dress it up with materials to bling them out. Materials such as pimp hat, Jewels, etc., can be used to make your Gnome look more attractive. Then dress your self as a Gnome and take pictures of your Pimp Daddy Gnome from at lest two sides. Then send the pictures to Gnome(Extra points will be added if you post pictures with people admiring the gnome in a public place Selected pictures will be displayed in After you have posted your pictures go to and download the free game. Please write at least 200 words about the bling game and free game on your own blog and make the gnome to reach wider, and you could download the free game for your self (or) you could even purchase a version for themselves.
Have fun in playing the game for free and do your level best to win $35o worth gift card....All the best.....

Indians Dream Eleven

The Indian Eleven that is playing now is a dream team of each and every Indian. The way Dhoni maintaining the team is really good to watch, the way he controls his emotions when the team is under great pressure is sensational. According to me, he is the only caption to control his emotions and seeing the game as a game. The players performance were really outstanding, the Indian is now having more younger players which is the strength in their game. In Last match against Pakistan India proved itself to be a better side. Even though the total 300 is easily chaseable in Pakistan pitches it will be difficult to win without losing much wickets. But Indians could do these with Ease which proves them to be a better side.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Word count tool

This is most useful for bloggers who works for paying websites like payperpost, Sponsored reviews, Social Spark etc., Mostly the advertisers will need their advertisements to be with specific word count. It is worthless if your blog get rejects because of the minimum word count. To avoid these kind of mistakes it is better for one to check out the exact word length of their post. Just navigate to the website by clicking this link Then copy and paste your entire post in the box that is provided in that website and then click calculate. This calculates the actual word count of your post.

Advertisers join Social Spark and grow your business

The SocialSpark network really satisfies the advertisers in fulfilling what they expect. It helps the advertisers to reach people more easily than any other sources. Once you start advertising your companies, brands or products or anything that you have, you would find that your business will make a 2 to 3 fold increase in a matter of time. You could easily reach people because , each of the bloggers in the social spark are writing the advertisements in their own blog. This makes your product to reach all the bloggers easily. There will be a minimum of 15 visitors coming to these bloggers blogs, this makes your product to reach all the visitors of the bloggers. There are more than lakhs of bloggers in Social Spark if each blogger writes about your product you could reach crores and crores of people in no time. This is a most important and useful thing that Social Spark does for their Advertisers. You could also advertise any of your products like cars, Candy bars, Shoes, cloths, soft drink, software, websites. The new Advertisers who look for a great place to advertise their blogs could get benefited through Social Spark. You can visit Social Spark and become a member of Social Spark by visiting As told by me earlier, the Social Spark enlightens the business of the Advertisers and really makes their product to reach people in No time. Advertisers use this great opportunity and improve your business.

Nintendo DS console for the youngs

This is a gaming cum learning tool that serves both as a entertainer and learning kit for the Kids. The kinds normally like to have little breaks while studying.Their mind cant concentrate on a single thing for more time, their mind have many transaction i.e from fun to study and vice versa. This helps the kids to find the exact way how to spell a word. There is a plastic pen that is attached to the tool, you have to write the word on the screen of this tool. The tool has an inbuilt speaker in it, the speaker will spell out the word that you write in. The tool can also be used as a video game, it provides more interesting games that makes the kids to work on the tool with mere interest. This tool is now launched in Japanese schoolrooms, and the teachers who works in those schools feels that this tool is really motivating the children's and making them really interested in studies.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Raise you child and money for Mommies

There are plenty of ways for moms to balance their life chain by handling the family and earning as well. Normally mommies cannot go out leaving their child in home for any work. They should take care of their own child as well they can earn money if they follow these simple rules. There are many ways to earn money sitting at your home. According to me the most simplest and more efficient way to earn money is thro' SocialSpark. They could earn money just thro' posting about advertisers. This is an easy task when compared to other process that requires lot of hard work to be done to earn. Nowadays no people are without a blog. And if your blog is 90 days old, you are eligible for applying in SocialSpark. The Social Sparks Rules and conditions are very lenient and help the bloggers to write blogs without any ambiguity. Normally other sites restricts that their posts should be followed with non paid posts, but SocialSparks wont asks its members to do these kind of things. There are many advantage prior to these things. If any opportunity is already taken and no slot is available, you could still apply for the opportunity until your time comes. When the slot is free you will be mailed informing that your opportunity is confirmed. Social Sparks gives you lot of time to write a post, its around 12 hour from the time once you take the opportunity. This much time is not provided in any other sites for their bloggers who creates posts for their advertisers, this is an added advantage of Social Spark that I have to say at this part of time. U could easily get thro' people by joining in any communities in Social Spark. U could bring loads of traffic to your blog by joining in community and making friends. There are 2 things called props and drops. More the props you get, will improve you eligibility towards opportunities. U might have been well understood about the SocialSpark and Services they do for their users. And Mommies you can earn money as well see you child. Take care mommies and Thanx for bringing Us to this world. This post is dedicated to all the mommies in this world.

My first day work experience

After spending around a half of my life in studying yesterday I went to work for the first time. My company name is Coromandel Infotech. It would hard for people when they switch from study to work, and they feel some pressure on them. But I'm very lucky to get placed in Coromandel Infotech, they respect peoples and dont put much work pressure on their employees. I found some interesting things there, U could take a break and relax yourself at any time and even you can play games like carom or chess (or) you can read newspapers. Yesterday was my first day to office, they have promised that a teaching of 45 days will be given to everyone. Since the trainer didn't came Yesterday, they allowed us to play. We spent our whole day playing and listening to music. That was a great first day experience for me.

SocialSpark a real Fire~ Check it out

It was a great experience for me writing posts for SocialSpark. I've seen many unbelievable and realistic things happening that I am waiting for days. Social Spark provides an great environment both for Bloggers and Advertisers. The most important and a valid point that I could say about Social Spark is, if you try to reserve for an offer and couldn't get one you could just hit the wait for opportunity tab. Once you hit the wait for Opportunity tab you will be added to the queue and you will be definitely responded and informed to you through your mail. You cant expect these things to occur in other sites who does the same job as Social Spark. You will defenitely feel the difference between others and SocialSpark once you join Social spark. You can easily get through people by joining any community of your choice and drive in more and more people to your blog.
Code of Ethics of SocialSpark
  • 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure:
This is done by the Social Spark to show the audience that you have written the post for Socail Spark. This is done So that your Readers should trust you, Social sparks is also committed in keeping things done in that way. The In-post disclosure is nothing but a disclosure badge, this could be found at the end of every post that is done for Socialspark.
  • 100% Transparency:
The users of Social Spark are 100% Transparent. The are well viewable by any one who comes across your blog. This is done by the Socialspark to maintain the community honest and open about transactions that occur.
  • 100% Real Opinions:
SocialSparks doesn't stops any one to write honestly about the advertisers in their blogs. If the bloggers thinks that it is dis honest to write about a particular advertisers, Socialspark asks you to pass the opportunity, because if you write dishonest articles it would defeniteltly reduce your blog credibility.
  • 100% Search Engine Friendly:
The most advantageous and a very very valid point about SocialSpark is it contains nofollow links that will help you in maintaining your page rank. The other sites other than socialspark will not allow you to place their links with "nofollow" attribute. This adds up to the service that they do for us.

I gaurantee that everyone will be overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasim once you join SocialSpark. Have fun in making money and enjoy being a member of Social Spark.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CRISS Angel Believe Enters Luxor Las Vegas to Rock US

This is a more interesting Show done by the modern illusionists. There are many illusion shows that have been taking place all over by different magicians. CRISS ANGEL Believe brings its audience to the corner of the seat because of the modern illusion that is performed by Cirque Du Soleil. Cirque Du Soleil is the creator of this show and he plays the role of Criss Angel in this show.
When Comparing other illutionists like Harry Houdini with CRISS ANGEL you could find a great difference between them. Because you cant believe your eyes after seeing CRISS ANGEL performance as he is a modern illusionist he does every thing so real that you cant imagine anything better than that.
Illusions in Luxor Hotel:
Criss Angel have already filmed 2 seasons of Criss Angels Mindfreak and he is going to film the next season of the show in Luxor Las Vegas the illusions include walking in water, Levitating above the Luxor hotel, causing a Lamborghini to disappear, floating between two buildings, cutting himself to half etc.,
In this Show Cirque Du Soleil takes an new form as Criss Angel and he goes deeply in to Criss Angel mind and explorates deep inside his mind and he sees the living and land world uniquely in his own imagination.
To win tickets for this Great show just sms "Believe" to 22122 to win 2 tickets to 'CRISS ANGEL Believe'. Rush!!!!!! Its an valid offer dont miss it and you wont get this chance ever.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Increase Google Backlinks to increase your google page rank

The easiest way to get Google page rank is by increasing your blogs backlinks. More the Backlinks that you have for your blog more the google page rank you get. There are many ways to get googles backlinks.

  • Through C box: You could get googles backlinks thro' C-Box. What you have to do is just install the C-box in your blog and start finding friends and add your friends in your blog as I have did, most importantly Make sure that they also have added you as their friend in their blog. If they add you as their friend in their blog you will get a backlink for each person adding your link in their blog.
  • Through Fast Blog Finder: This is the most simpliest method to get Backlinks. I've discussed about Fast Blog finder in my previous post itself. Just click the below link to read more about that in detail.Fast Blog Finder
If you want to check how much backlinks does your blog have, just go to the below website. There will be a small box, Copy your blogs web address in that blog and click on submit. I'm having around 254 back links and I am damn sure that I would get google pagerank on its next update. Try this out guys and increase your google page rank before google updates its page rank.
Google Back Link Checker

Dells Latest price configuration

Nowadays Dell is attracting more and more people because of its stylish and low price. Most people goes for desktop computers because they cannot afford to buy one laptop because of the price margin that laptops normally have. But nowadays more people have turned towards buying a laptop rather than buying a desktop because the price of the laptops are now equal to the desktop PC. The Dell Laptop is very slim with astonishing feature built-in. Dell are available in the markets normally in black or White colors.

I recommend the below configuration as the best for anyone who buys a Dell Laptop
  • Processor - Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo Processor T5550
  • Operating System - Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
  • Memory(RAM) - 2GB Dual-channel 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
  • HardDrive - 160GB 25400RPM SATA Hard Drive Dell Recommends 250GB 2 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • Graphics Card - Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
  • CD/ DVD ROM - 8X max DVD+/-RW Drive with DVD+R double layer write capability
  • Antivirus - McAfee® Security CenterTM 30 days Introductory Offer Dell Recommends McAfee® SecurityCenterTM 15-months
These all costs just Rs.34,900, because of this low cost and many features people most likely go for Dell rather than taking risks buying some other laptops. The service done by the Dell is simply superb, In case of any fault in your system during your warranty period you can easily service your Dell laptop by going to your nearby Dell shops.

Monday, June 23, 2008

PayPerPost Rocks

PayPerPost really does a fantastic job, it helps both the bloggers and the advertisers. It helps the advertisers to reach people easily. I love PayPerPost because it pays for our creativity. Many of them are being served by the PayPerPost. The people who really needs money for their living can easily make it by just writing reviews to the advertisers through PayPerPost. I heard about PayPerPost through one of my friend who is an active member of Payperpost. PayPerPost respects people and their ideas and help people to satisfy their needs. One more important and a valid thing that I have to say is, we can easily find new friends through Payperpost. I've seen many websites that pays for the people who writes in their blog about their Advertisers, but they are not accepting the bid. But PayPerPost accepts your bid immediately after you reserve an opportunity, this is an added advantage to payperpost. To be an PayPerPost member it requires your blog should be at least 90 days old with 10 posts posted prior to your sign up. If your blog is not eligible to these conditions you need not want to worry about that, you can still earn money through their PPPdirect that allows you to earn money if you invite people to PayPerPost. This adds up the advantage to PayPerPost. Well I would like to use the money that I'm going get through PayPerPost for doing my PG. I've planned to do my MS in UK, To do MS in UK you have to write an exam called IELTS that costs around 8000/-Rs. I would use the money that I get through PayPerPost for writing this exam.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Funny Smses

  • Blind boy giving sweets 2 all. Aunty came from bathroom without dress 2 get sweets, knowing he's blind.
Aunty: What is Special........? Blind: I got my eyes aunty.......:)

  • Guest: Why is your dog staring at me all d time when I have dinner in your house?
House owner: It can never tolerate to see someone using its plate......

  • How does a Sardarji dial 9894098940.......?
First he dials 98940 and then presses 'REDIAL'......! Intelligent Sardar.......

Monday, June 16, 2008

Most Funniest Car AC

Look at this guy who invented the most funniest Car A/C. The idea behind this car A/C is very simple, he just opened the slider that is at the top of the Car and placed the A/C over it. The remaining parts that are uncovered is fully closed with steel, that allow the complete cool air to circulate inside the CAR. This CAR A/C definitely keeps the car cool better than the normal A/C's that we often use in CAR's. I think its an brilliant work by this guy...........

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Apple lauches its new 3G iPhone

The new advanced 3G wireless networks that allows much faster internet connections. The 3G network is the most advanced wireless network technology. Till now all the mobiles that had been released have only the 2G network technology, this provides only a small bandwidth that allows around 15 to 20kb/s of packet data transfer.But in the 3G networking the Bandwidth will be twice or thrice greater than the 2G model.CEO, Steve jobs, Apple Corporation, launched the new apple iPhone in San Francisco,California. The new iphone will be launced in july 11, and will sell for $199 for 8-GB model and $299 for 16-GB model. Bharti Airtel, vodafone have already chipped in, and they would launch the Apple's latest 3G networking iphone in India by the end of this year. I think this latest iPhone would surely rock.......

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

India ended Pakistan's winning Streak

India is now in a form that no team could ever think of beating it. The top order line is well managed by Gautham Gambir, Shewag, Yusuf Pathan, Rohit Sharma. Then the middle order is quite strong with Yuvraj, Dhoni, Suresh Raina. The team is well packed and its a dream team for India. The bowling was well managed by all the bowlers. I think India will definitely win the next World cup. Pakistan held a great record of winning 12 consecutive matches, their winning streak was ended by India in style. I loved to see the match, Gautham Gambir has really improved as a batsman. And to say about Rohit sharma, he is a batsman who plays his best when the team is in need. And the way the Young and energetic Indian team plays makes me feel happy. All the best INDIA............

Monday, June 9, 2008

The best PC configuration to get

According to me the best PC configuration is:

  • Motherboard- Intel® 945G Express Chipset.
  • Processor- Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor.
  • RAM- 1GB+ 1GB
  • Monitor- LG 15'' LCD
  • Hard Disk- Seagate 160GB
  • DVD/CD ROM - Samsung
  • Speakers- Creative 2:1 (or) 5:1
  • Floppy - Sony

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nadal claims his 4th french open title in succession

Nadal remains un-beaten in clay court as he won his 4th French grand slam yesterday. It seems that Federer have nothing to do in that match, and it was an straight set win for Nadal. The match was not quite interesting as the match was one sided. I love Federers Back hand shots but it is not working for him recently. The Nadal stylish play was really superb and his hunger for winning the yesterday's game could be seen in each and every shot that he played. I knew that Nadal would claim the title but I didn't thought that Federer would loose a set 6-0. Any way hard luck this time for federer and good luck for him in the future. And what to say for Nadal....? He deserves the title........

Easy way to increase your google page rank

First download the google tool bar and install. The Google tool bar will come defaultly in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. If u don't have the Google tool bar you can easily get one by searching in Google. After installing the google toolbar you could easily check the page rank of your blog. Then search for Fast blog finder in Google. Download it and install it your pc. Then open the Fast blog finder and search for blogs with any keyword like Entertainment, Music, Arts etc., The search will produce the result in your right hand side box. In it there will be an heading named page rank, click it twice, blogs with page rank high to low will be arranged in an sequence. Click on any blog with more page rank once, and then the blog opens in the box that is below to the results box. Then search for the comments area and fill in all the details and post your comments. Do this for all the blogs with page rank above 0. Then search for some other keywords and repeat the same procedure.......If you do this process for around 2 to 3 weeks then your backward link will increase abruptly and so ur page rank. Try this out...........

Click here to download Fast blog finder

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Me and Shakthimaan in Spenzer

Me and my friend Hathim (who is familiarly know n as Shakthimaan). This name came to him because of Abubacker, who started calling him as Shathimaan.Once It was a great fight between Abu and Hathim. Finally abu surrendered to Hathim saying sorry shathimaan, u could understand these things only if u've watched Shathimaan before. Hathim and me met accidentally at spenzer plaza. Since he got placed in FEDELITY I asked him to give me a treat in spenzer, he took me to a fruit shop and we drank one strawberry and Chocolate flavored juices, And then, we talked a lot about thala and it was a great time for us while talking about our thala. We recalled about the thala sms that is rocking the whole ECE. Then we had a nice look at beautiful girls roming around. It was a great time for me with Hathim. He has already finished writing GRE but to his bad luck he didn't scored well. Now he is going to try one more time and studying in american embassy which is near spenzer. Thats it.............

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thala "Unplugged"

This is the special edition about our class thala. This is the creation by our whole class its not created by me......Here the way it goes.......:)

5 things that people around thala must follow...

  • When in class room........ the whole bench should be well occupied leaving no place for thala to sit with them......this is mandatory to save their life.:)

  • When talking to Thala they should use an nice perfume and keep on spraying near their nose for every 5 seconds.. This is necessary for them to breathe.......

  • When they start talking to Thala they should simultaneously start to pray to GOD to save from dying in an ALPA AAYISU.....

  • The guys in the HOSTEL should have nice bad smell removers like Uthubathi, room spary, etc.., Based on how much money an individual is having to save their own life..... They should also have anthu orundai, If the bad smell in Thala's cot increases they have to through these orundai's in his cot to decrease the smell.......

  • And the Guys in the HOSTEL should also be well prepared with an nice Thindukal pootu especially made for Thala not to touch their belongings.....:)
Is this enough ECE'A'..........? Enjoy and dont tell to anyone and in particular Mr.x........

!!!!!!!!No need of files anymore!!!!!!!!

It was a great fight back by me to see myself get placed in Sutherland global services. It was a great experience for me to seek for a nice job. I enjoyed a lot while trying for jobs, I dont know how it would be for me after getting placed in sutherland. And an important point that I have to say that made me to enjoy a lot is NO NEED OF FILES ANYMORE. I have traveled to many places with these files that troubled me a lot. I don't like carrying the files because the people around me will look at me different. Now I'm happy that I dont have to carry these files anymore. But I've to find a new job that fits me, since its an BPO company most probably I'll be out of the company in one or two months so NO need of files anymore holds good for me only for 2months.........:)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Chennai super kings made $ 0.6m in IPL

After an long fight between many of its trivals Chennai superkings made $ 0.6m in IPL. Chennai have fought till its end to make $1.2m,anyway it had managed to get $0.6m. The great come back by Chennai superkings is really superb. I'm sure that in the next IPL after the arrival of Hayden and Hussey the batting order would become really strong and the bowling part will be handled well by Nitini, Gony, Jacob oram & Murali.......... and I'm sure that the next IPL is for Chennai only. The way Dhoni reacted after entering in to semis was simply mind blowing. He made every effort to see his team on top of the table and made many to wonder how this team could reach final. You cant say that Rajastan have defeated Chennai, its just their time that they took advantage of it. Being an Indian I have to definitely congratulate Yusuf pathan who stood as an single man and took his team to the victory. But being an Chennai guy I hate him a lot. Anyway Thanx to Chennai superkings for entertaining us till final and not being dropped out of the tournament before the semis and defeating its great trival teams.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally some breeze

Sun just boiled chennai for the past 2 months, you cant go outings during the day time and during the nights it was the Humdity which makes the whole house to be like an fire cage. MY semester exams also came at the right time, I couldn't able to concentrate on the studies. Chennai seems to be more hot than other cities in TN. My native was actually Trichy, when I went there for summer vacation I could able to feel the difference between Chennai and Trichy. Trichy looked to me as if it was not a summer... Anyway now the breezes have started in Chennai. The humudity which made me to sweat a lot have now gone away. It was now the chennai going to face Rajastan in IPL finals I'm waiting for this match. Best of luck chennai.