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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No work for me in my Company

It was really a great comedy for a technical student working in a banking sector. The project that I'm now put in is Finacle. This is a core banking solution that Infosys have developed, and our company is one of the partner of Infosys who supports Infy in their project. The given to me is simple, I've to just learn how to work the software and I should go abroad or some where in India to teach the bankers how the software works. I got really irritated when the guy who took class for us narrated about our job. I was fully tensed and now my future is a big question mark to me. After studying around 5 years technically its hard for me to work in this job. Even a 1o th standard guy can do this job if he learns it. I'm very much irritated and dont know what to say about my job. I'm waiting for a break and still didn't got one, I'm positive that I would get one soon.

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