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Monday, July 28, 2008

Best Saving Account Interest rates

Savings Account is a Account where you could put all your money to a bank and earn interest for that money. To earn best interest rate you should know about the interest rate that is offered by various banks.To know about the various savings accounts Interest rates offered by various banks all over the world please visit website. Here u could compare various banks based on the Interest rates. On the top right of the page, You could find a graph that compares the leading interest giving banks. Right now is listing banks that offers up to 3.66% of Interest per annum. These accounts are from Federally insured banks, this mean that depositors under $100,000 will be repaid if the bank fails. The comparison graph shows the highest to lowest paying accounts and it also shows the minimum amount required to open a account for various banks. The readers could still have a clear picture of various banks by reading the reviews that is given by current and former Account holders.You could find how the account holders are feeling about their bank, this makes you more comfortable in choosing the bank as per your wish.

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