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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Glenn Beck's Blog

Glenn Beck, an American Political commentator, Tv/ Radio Host was born on 1964. He was a born Entertainer, he used to make people laugh with his great shows and Fusion Magazine, this is a comedy magazine written from a conservative perspective. Glenn is making more Political tours, Political means that he would go to many places and he will make peoples laugh by imitating Politicians. This summer he is conducting various Political Shows on various theaters located National wide. He is yet to conduct shows on 17,18 and 19th of this month to find the venue details check out the website We cant really explain about his show just in words, if you go to his show and got a experience about how he is performing, You would definitely become a fan for him. This a great show, since it is a Political show people likes the way how Glenn imitates others. Go, watch the show and Have fun. You could directly purchase tickets by visiting the website visiting Glenns blog and read his best comedies and have fun.

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