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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Make your blog reach people through Zookoda

Do you want your blog to reach people in matter of days.......? Its very simple... Join Zookoda and find out how your blog reaches people very soon. This is a great site used by lakhs of people all over the world. Mostly the people who does blogging will join to make their personal blog or Website to reach the people. It is very simple to reach people thro' Zookoda and singup is absolutely free....... This is an added advantage to this site. It makes people to join without any payment, this makes the site very familiar among people. Since it is a free site more members will join and you could reach all the members and make your blog more familiar thro' Zookoda.

These are the ways how Zookoda works to make your blog reach people.
  • Zookoda is a mailing application thro' which you could send the details of your blog to all the members and make your blog familiar.

  • There is a visitors inbox in which you could drop your daily/weekly or monthly summary of your latest posts. The visitors once they login will see the messages in the visitors inbox and they will visit your blog. This makes your blog to reach people.

  • You could create a newsletter subscription and post in visitors blog. You could make your own newsletter and send. If you could create an eye-catching newsletters about your blog then more people would come to your blog for a visit.

  • Schedule your time and maintain regular broadcast of newsletter either daily, weekly or monthly. This ensures that you have regular visitors coming to your blog.

  • The mobile users can also use Zookoda by just mailing their blog content in text format. This helps to reach the people living in each and every part of the world, this ensures that your blog reach people and makes visitors to come to your blog.
Zookoda really works good for the bloggers and make their blogs to reach people. Since this is a free site immediately join the site and find your blog with more visitors coming in within a week time.... Try this one and Have infinite number of visitors to your site.........

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