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Friday, July 18, 2008

Cisco` A pure learning network

Cisco, A great learning network offers certification to various courses.In India, You could get this Cisco certification from the training centers approved by Cisco. Being an IT engineer I know how much valuable is the Cisco certification. When you go to an IT company for interview they would definitely ask for experience, if you give your Cisco certificate of what you have learned, the companies will definitely value them. Most of the companies might no now about all the certifications that is being provided, but there is no company that doesn't know about Cisco Certification. Cisco provides Cisco certification programs, training, requirements, etc. You could really build a great career with the help of CISCO's training program. It offers many IT coarse's, you could choose any of the coarse as per your need. It provides both software and Hardware training with wide range of coarse. Cisco Certification for Networking is one of the most famous certificates in India, its all a networking company needs.
Cisco gives a great career growth for you, the cisco certificate directly reflects at your career growth. So, if you have a plan to do a coarse in software or hardware or any IT related subject, get trained by cisco or cisco approved training centres. When you go to abroad with certificates given by some other training centers, they might not be valued there, but the Cisco certificates are valued all over the world. The teaching level of Cisco will be of great standards, it gives its students a great training with which they could built up their career. Many of the experienced people also undergoes training in Cisco, this is because they would get a career growth after getting Cisco certificates. So those people who needs a great growth in your career do study in Cisco or Cisco certified centers and make your future a bright one.

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Squirly B said...

I must agree with Sheik here. Cisco training is a plus to have on your CV and as base knowledge. But certifications alone won’t be enough to get a good job; they have to be backed up with a lot of experience, which you might gather by working on different projects you can find on the internet or as a volunteer. On the other hand, if you are a lucky person, you could find a company willing to invest in you and expand all that you have learned at cisco, thus creating a good situation for both.