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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dasavatharam a real flap

The story seems to have no relation with the any 2 scenes. Asin made the film even worst. Her acting was not up to the mark and she could not cope up with Kamal. The film had no Chemistry working between both of them. Asin is just a lovable girl, she attracts her fans with her sexy look and childish talk. A girl with these kind of modern activities cannot fit in a classical story line. Kamal performance in this film is not satisfactory, peoples go for Kamal's film bcoz of his acting that he possess. But in this film Kamal gave no time for the audience to watch his acting, he just switched between many characters and made the audience wonder who is kamal. Kamal has his own Trade mark in acting, this film shows no trade mark of kamal. If I rate this film out of 10 it gets only 2. Asin acting particularly in the first few scenes was very worst, this gave a bad start to the film. More of graphics in the first fight at the Temple made the movie look much horrible. Out of the 10 characters only few made the film, it seems that Kamal acted in 10 roles just to show his acting skills. At last the great expected Dasavatharam ended up with a great flap.

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