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Monday, July 7, 2008

Nadal ends Fedx's wining Streak

It was not at all a super Sunday as both the games Tennis and Cricket didn't made me happy. I was in a depressed mood on Sunday. I knew that Indians would definitely loose the match after a bad start and I could accept it in some way or other, but I could not able to beleive that Federer lost to Nadal. In the past few years both in clay and grass courts Federer is doing the same errors and Nadal is taking advantage of those things, still Federer is having problems with his back hand stroke which happened to be a great strength in Federe's game once. Federer has to come away with a new game plan to defeat Nadal, Nadal already have his own game plan, he could easily transform the pressure to the opponent just by winning a set point in opponents serve. This creates a great pressure on the opponents whom ever it made Even Fedx is struggling a lot to get out of this. Anyway a great historic event also occurred, Nadal ended up Fedx 5 consecutive winning streak. Being a Federers Fan, it was hard for me to accept these things. But I hope that Federer will definitely take the next Grand slam title home by using all his experience that he has in Tennis.

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