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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Country Music's from

Want to hear good country Musix's....? just logon to, a website dedicated to country music lovers. This website contains huge collection of country musics, just log on to the website and search your favorite country music. There is a tab called Country Music TOP 10's, where U could find the top 10 county music, here you could find top 10 country Album, Top 10 country songs and top 10 Country Music Artists. Feel free to visit the site and find out your favorite country side music.This site also provides the lyrics for all the country side musics, to visit please click this link Country Music Lyrics.Registration to this site is totally free, so register and start listening to ur favorite country music's from Now.....

Good start ended up in a Bad finish

Indian innings was started well by viru and Gambir, Both played their best cricket. The pair made 151 runs for the opening wicket partnership. They worked hard to make India a winning Team. The seniors player really spoiled India's Game, it looked over 500 at one stage but now making 300 runs itself a great question mark. The senior players Sachin,Dravid,Ganguly fell consequently making only 7 runs as a total. I think India cannot win any match in future if these senior players are included in the team.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Find out the Best Diet pills

Diet pills are tablets that are used to reduce the excess fat from your body. In spite of going for daily jogging or doing daily exercises,The Diet pills best reduces your excess fat. Diet pills are preferred by most of the people, rather than going for Exercise as it is time consuming. It hardly takes at least 6 months to 1 year to reduce the excess fat from your body by doing exercises. When you use Diet pills, you could feel the reduction of fat from your body within 4 days time. has done many surveys to find out the Top 10 best diet pill's. They have created their Diet pills list under various criteria like:
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How to Maitain your Google page rank

There are many ways to maintain the your google page rank.
  • To maintain the same google page rank or to improve your google page rank, first you have to get many back links to your blog.
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  • Also Remove any other tags like "hire me" and "review me". Any general affiliate banners are fine to keep.
So, blog and earn as much as you can and maintain the same Google page rank by following the rules.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Diet pills on

Many diet pills are available in the market, it will be very confusing for a consumer to choose among the best diet pills. So to find the best diet pills that suits you, please surf the This site has taken reviews about all the available Diet pills and has sorted all the Diet pills in an order that had most rating according to their review. You could find the description about all the Best diet pills in their home page itself. The Diet pills generally keeps the fat level in your body under control by burning all the excess fat from our body. The fat is the main cause of diseases like heart attack,etc., The fat can be burned from our by doing exercises or by taking Diet pills. People mostly prefer taking Diet pills as it is time consuming and beneficent. To know more about the best diet pills and the customer experience about the various diet pills pls visit The price of all the Diet pills is also exposed to all visitors, So find the Diet pill that suits you and burn all the excess fat from your body and become slim within a month.

Best diet pills

Diet pills are tablets used to reduce the excess fat. The excess fat is the main cause of all the disease. To reduce the excess fat one have to take exercise or Diet pills. Many people prefer diet pills as it is time consuming. There are many diet pills available in the market, to choose the best diet pills among all the available, please visit best diet pill. In this site all the Diet pills are sorted according to their rating. Description of all the Diet pills are given clearly. So one could get a clear Idea of choosing which Diet pill best suits them. The description also includes the ingredients, so u could easily differentiate between various Diet pills and choose the one that suits you.. You could buy the best Diet pill from this website itself and the main advantage of buying the Diet pill from this site is, you could get the Diet pill at 70% reduced rate as compared to market rate. You could get customer experience by seeing the comments section for each Diet pill. This helps you to choose among various Diet pills available.Go to and find the diet pill that suits you and burn all your excess fats.

Cool lekha Washington

Many might have known about Lekha an anchor in SS music.......She worked with SS music before 3yrs, Simbu selected her in his new project Kettavan, But due to many reasons the whole project was dropped. She will usually come for the show called PCO and she makes the adults yell at her with great looks and sexy dressings.....Have a Look at her cool stills........

Monday, July 28, 2008

Diet Pills research

Diet pills are useful to keep your body fit. Most of the people go for Diet pills rather than exercises, as it consumes lot of time and work. These Diet pills helps you to reduce the excess fat in your body, it reduces the fat by burning it completely. According to the survey regular Diet pills takers are always fit. The Diet pill helps to control the amount of fat that is in your body.
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The Star Rating is also provided for each diet pills that helps the consumers to choose the best among all the available Diet Pills. It shows the Top 4 Diet pills according to survey that resear hdietpills take as said above.
The main advantage here is that as a Diet pills rating is based on many category like weight loss, Safety and Value, it makes the consumers feel free to make decisions.The star value for various Diet pills are given on various terms like Safety, Appetite suppression, Effectiveness, Value.
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My company

I feel now much better to work in my company. When I was in the Finacle team I suffered a lot, bcoz' it purely based on the Banking. I don't know anything about banking, but now I'm in mobile team its purely a technical team. I'm now very much happy and doing things in eager.Still I'm in training, the training is the best time where you could learn as well as enjoy. There wont be any pressure on your shoulders, my seniors will be signing off at 8 while the trainers sign off at 6 itelf. Now I'm enjoying life and feeling good to work in my company......

Best Saving Account Interest rates

Savings Account is a Account where you could put all your money to a bank and earn interest for that money. To earn best interest rate you should know about the interest rate that is offered by various banks.To know about the various savings accounts Interest rates offered by various banks all over the world please visit website. Here u could compare various banks based on the Interest rates. On the top right of the page, You could find a graph that compares the leading interest giving banks. Right now is listing banks that offers up to 3.66% of Interest per annum. These accounts are from Federally insured banks, this mean that depositors under $100,000 will be repaid if the bank fails. The comparison graph shows the highest to lowest paying accounts and it also shows the minimum amount required to open a account for various banks. The readers could still have a clear picture of various banks by reading the reviews that is given by current and former Account holders.You could find how the account holders are feeling about their bank, this makes you more comfortable in choosing the bank as per your wish.

India's Bowling attack really frustrating

Indian's bowling attack is becoming worst day by day. The main reason for India loosing the first test against Srilanka is that the spinners didn't performed. Mostly in Test Cricket the main wicket takers will be the spinners, Sirlankan spinners bowled really well. The Batting is also becoming worst day by day, the batsman like Dravid, Ganguly, Karthik were totally out of form. I think the senior players(Dravid,Ganguly,Kumble,Harbajan) have to be replaced with some junior players like Rohit sharma, Yuvraj, Sreesanthm, Ojha. Being an Indian Captian, Kumble didn't even took a wicket on that match . If this situation continues India will not Win even a Match.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Top 10 Best Diet pills for you

The Diet control is one of the most important thing that any human should follow to keep their body both physically and mentally fit. The Diet control could be done in many ways, One way to control Diet that is followed by most of the people is through taking diet pills. Diet pills are tablets that helps you to keep you in control, it reduces your excess fat and makes you fit. To know more about the Diet pills please visit This website contains all the Diet pills that are available and this website has surveyed and found the top 10 Diet pills. This site also contains the consumers experience about the various Diet pills. You could purchase any diet pills online from this site at a cheaper rate. This site also has reviews about the various leading Diet pills industries. Surf the site and find the Diet pill that could keep you fit...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Have a clear look at your Google Page rank

Follow this link.
You would be directed to the future page rank predict page. Type your blog name in that site and check out the page rank given to your blog by various data centers. The page rank given by various data centers are averaged and given as the Page rank for your site.........

Google Page Rank Update Underway

Yes...........! Google has updated my page Rank, it was 3 month back since I created my blog, and now I've got Google Page rank2. I dont know surely when this page rank update happened.,before 2 days I opened my blog there was no PR update at that time. When I opened today I saw myblogs PR updated. Those who are all awaiting for the Google PR update, please check whether your blog has got any PR. Best of Luck.....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cisco` A pure learning network

Cisco, A great learning network offers certification to various courses.In India, You could get this Cisco certification from the training centers approved by Cisco. Being an IT engineer I know how much valuable is the Cisco certification. When you go to an IT company for interview they would definitely ask for experience, if you give your Cisco certificate of what you have learned, the companies will definitely value them. Most of the companies might no now about all the certifications that is being provided, but there is no company that doesn't know about Cisco Certification. Cisco provides Cisco certification programs, training, requirements, etc. You could really build a great career with the help of CISCO's training program. It offers many IT coarse's, you could choose any of the coarse as per your need. It provides both software and Hardware training with wide range of coarse. Cisco Certification for Networking is one of the most famous certificates in India, its all a networking company needs.
Cisco gives a great career growth for you, the cisco certificate directly reflects at your career growth. So, if you have a plan to do a coarse in software or hardware or any IT related subject, get trained by cisco or cisco approved training centres. When you go to abroad with certificates given by some other training centers, they might not be valued there, but the Cisco certificates are valued all over the world. The teaching level of Cisco will be of great standards, it gives its students a great training with which they could built up their career. Many of the experienced people also undergoes training in Cisco, this is because they would get a career growth after getting Cisco certificates. So those people who needs a great growth in your career do study in Cisco or Cisco certified centers and make your future a bright one.

Now shifted to mobile team

After working for 15 days in banking sector, finally I am shifted to mobile team. It was quite a challenging Job to work with the mobile team, they don't give any training for the freshers and they just give a week time to learn all the concepts with the help of seniors. To my luck the seniors itself don't know any thing, and now I'm trying to learn all the basic concepts myself. It was quite a hard time for me, and now I'm just seeing how long this bad time continues for me. This bad time didn't started now, it started for me 1 year back when I missed all the ON-CAMPUS interviews and its now continuing to play in my life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carbon Neurtral Search` Eco friendly tool

Carbon Neutral Search Engine is really a great search engine to use, bcoz it readuces the amount of CO2 generated per search. As a Indian I know how much the India's Pride Taj Mahal is affected due to the polluted air. The Color of Taj Mahal is changing day by day, its changing from Pure white to Yellowish White. Most of the search engines generate more CO2 while the search process.
The Carbon Neutral is an Eco Friendly Search Engine that produces less CO2 when compared to other search engines. Normally the Carbon Neutral search Engines ejects only 300g of CO2 in the search process, which is negligible when compared to other search engines. All you have to do is, go to the Carbon Neutral Search Website and link it to your search engines that you could see at the right top corner of your page. Even this result produces the same result as your Google search, it reduces the CO2 that is generated during the search process. So use this Eco friendly tool and save the Environment from being polluted. This search is also speedy as your GOOGLE search. Spread this Carbon Neutral search Engine and make this search as your default search and make people know about this and create an Carbon Neutral Environment. I'm very proud to write about this Carbon Neutral Search engine, as I'm a part of saving my Environment from being polluted.

Nice video to Watch

This video shows how much the Indian players love their fans.......Watch this video and check it out how funny it was........

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Get free medication from Patient Assistance Program

Nowadays there are many Patient Assistance programs available. There are many Pharmaceutical Manufacturers offering these kind of Patient Assistance programs. These kind of programs helps the people who are unaware of these kind of Patient assistance programs by giving them free medications. Many people don't even know that they need medication. This program avails free medication for people who need medication. Some people definitely need medication and they might just walk away without taking any medication. And some people might get medication very little, the main goal of this program is to give free medication to all the people. So people who needs medication please take this free medication and have a full medication,and feel satisfied that you had a good medication. Check this program at Patient Assistance Programs.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle is also called as the Devil's Triangle, the reports say that any objects crossing this triangle have been disappeared. Objects like Aircrafts that fly over this Triangle has also been disappeared. This is because of the fast water flow within that Triangular region, its found that the water flow in that particular region is very fast than any other regions in the world. This water flow creates a magnetic force that pulls any objects crossing it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

WarGames on 24th`Rush

There are many classic films that comes in to my mind while talking about 1980's. Among those films the best according to me is TERMINATOR, starring ARNOLD. It came in the year 1984. I think most of you love this film because of the fabulous actor who made the film more interesting. It was a wonderful work by the director, bcoz it is the only film that came in 80's that contained many suspenseful action sequences and wonderful animatronic, stop-motion and special effects. These makes the film more attractive and wonderful, so I love this movie very much. I could still remember the movie because of its great action scenes and strong story line. And this film made Arnold a great Action hero, which he made used of in his future.

WarGames 25th Anniversary event is going to take place on Thursday, 24th of this month. This event is going to be played National wide on selected Theaters. The showing is one night only and will include never-before-seen interviews with film’s creators and the cast (including Broderick and Ally Sheedy) and crew on how the movie was ahead of its time and its relevance today. Additionally, only at this one night event, get a sneak peek at the making of the sequel – WarGames: The Dead Code.

Dasavatharam a real flap

The story seems to have no relation with the any 2 scenes. Asin made the film even worst. Her acting was not up to the mark and she could not cope up with Kamal. The film had no Chemistry working between both of them. Asin is just a lovable girl, she attracts her fans with her sexy look and childish talk. A girl with these kind of modern activities cannot fit in a classical story line. Kamal performance in this film is not satisfactory, peoples go for Kamal's film bcoz of his acting that he possess. But in this film Kamal gave no time for the audience to watch his acting, he just switched between many characters and made the audience wonder who is kamal. Kamal has his own Trade mark in acting, this film shows no trade mark of kamal. If I rate this film out of 10 it gets only 2. Asin acting particularly in the first few scenes was very worst, this gave a bad start to the film. More of graphics in the first fight at the Temple made the movie look much horrible. Out of the 10 characters only few made the film, it seems that Kamal acted in 10 roles just to show his acting skills. At last the great expected Dasavatharam ended up with a great flap.

Get paid to Try a real money giving tree

This an awesome site that gives you money for granted. I visited this site and found many new things in it. This site does the combined function of all the money giving sites, If you go to a particular survey site, you could do surveys only for them and earn money only for doing surveys for them. But here its entirely different, You need not to find the money site individually, itself has number of paying sites in it. The interesting and more beneficial part here is, you will be awarded with $2o once you sign up this site and complete the member bonus. The site assures you that you could earn minimum of $5 every day.And it promises that it would send a mail regarding new offers once you sign up in to site. This site has number of paying sites in it, each sites has their own requirements. You have to full fill the requirements, the requirements wont be much harder to you. It would be like sign-up to site, doing surveys for a site, like that. This an easy task and you could earn $300 by signing up the special offers right on the day of your sign up in This site also assures that you will be paid the very next day after you complete any offer that you have taken. Check the site and in that you would find a offer table, there are 107 total offers available. You could choose any number of offers and you would definitely be able to make $300 after finishing all these offers. Sign up now and start earning instantly.Click here to begin......

Friday, July 11, 2008

Have a look at Kollywood's Sexy Doll

Nayantra, the beatuy queen of Kollywood. See her and fall in love, She has really rocked the tamil industry. It seems that after her love failed with Simbu she has now found her new partner(VISHAAL). Nayantra's current project is Sathyam, starring Vishal. It seems that they both have developed their love in this film only, as Nayan and Simbu did in Vallavan. It seems that the film Sathyam will also have a Hot kissing scene as there was one in Vallavan. Let us see how much days this love works for Nayan and I congratulate Vishaal for helping her to find her next love mate...

991 we are here

Hi music lovers, this one for you. Tired of searching your favorite music cds.........? End your search here after reading this. You've at last found the right place where you wont miss any and take many. This a great site, this make many musix's to gain popularity. This site has more number of visitors that makes any kind of album to reach people. This is a great site and it rocks bcoz of its enormous visitors who are music lovers. This team has dedicated workers who are working for around 2 decades to provide a quality service to its customers. This team works in maintaining the sourcing, Authentication and Selling memorabilia. This great site brings your dream comes true, many old lads would like to hear classic songs that might not be available any where, here you could definitely find those. There is a great collision of classic cds available with 991 and you could easily purchase by visting This site deals with all varieties of musics, here you could get the music CD as per your favorite genre. 991 full fills its customers needs by not only giving them what they require but also providing them a quality service.Find the Rare Vinyl Records and Memorabilia in, check out the rare cds section in where you would find all the most classical and rarest cds that might not be found any where. The price of the CD's is also quite acceptable. There was a album named Boney M , these kind of CDs are nowadays not available in the market. I found the Boney M CD's quite easily and I wish to buy this CD. This is a awesome site that satisfies all the customers. Have fun in bringing up your unforgettable memories by hearing to your favorite songs and thank for being a part in cherishing your memories.

Sexy Ayesha

Ayesha Takia is one of the most sexiest actor in Bollywood. She drives guys crazy.....Have a look at her. These are my all time favorite stills.........:) Click on the stills and have a clear look of this sexy doll....

Traffic Xplode gives a great Traffic

To bring traffic to your website really matters to make your blog the best. The Google gives away page ranks to sites based upon many factors and one of the most key thing is based on number of visitors you have. The more the visitors you have make your blog to reach people and all advertisers cares to give their advertisements to you. There are number of ways to bring traffic to your blog. The one of the most simplest and a fastest way that I've found to bring traffic to our webiste is through TrafficXplode2.0. The traffic xplode really drives away many people to come and visit your blog.There will be a huge collision of Traffics coming to your site that increases your blogs popularity. Using Traffic Xplode2.0 you could send your site information to all of your friends using your contacts from email address books. If you have 100 contacts and sending a email to all of them and they have 100 contacts each, then you will get the traffic from all your contacts as well as from your contacts contacts. This really boost the traffic to your site and your blog will become popular very soon. There are many potential advantages in using this tool check this link You would really like this tool, start using the tool right now and find your blog with more number of visitors within a week.

Palm deira

Palm deira is an artificial island made in Dubai. This island is the worlds largest artificial island and it deserves it because of its look and land coverage. The name Palm deira came to this island is becoz of its shape that resembles a PALM tree. Actually Dubai has planned to built 3 Palm islands, Palm Jumeirah, Palm jebel ali and Palm Deira. Those 2 islands will comprise almost 100 million cubic meters of sand and rock, but the Palm Deira alone comprises 1 billion cubic meter. Have a look at these pics.......

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amazing video to train your kid

Felicity reading generally helps the kids between 12 months and 2.5 years to start learning right from that age. I was stunned after seeing a you tube video named "Felicity reading and understanding words from the young age of 12 months to 2.5 years old!". VOW.......! what a amazing video,a small baby 12 and 1/2 months is reading the letter that her mom is showing. It was quite interesting video to watch. Actually what her mother did to teach the words is the interesting part in it. Her mother started to teach the baby right from the baby attained 12 months old. She showed her the words by writing and spelling those words to the baby. The baby after listening to those words started to repeat the words after 12 and 1/2 months and have become a genius right at that age, you could call the baby as a baby genius. This video really made me stunned. This video should reach every one and every mother should try teaching their Children right from that age. This gives the children to be in touch with studies right from that age. By the age of 2 and 1/2 she would start reading the whole book continuously and she could even read the tough words without any difficulty. Watch this amazing video and tell everyone to teach their kids by showing this video to them. You would really appreciate this video after watching it. Make your baby a smart baby by following the instructions given in this video. teach your baby to learn from that age and make the babies future a blossom.

Trying to switch to mobile team

I felt very bored in working with management team at our company. There was a surprise offer that came to me, it was nothing but the company has decided to switch me to the mobile team. The mobile team is full of my subject that I've studied for the past 5 years. It was quite interesting and a challenging job to take. This mobile team is now doing projects in smart cards, and some RF based projects. I'm now quite happy to switch to mobile team.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Know about Glenn

Glenn Beck was a born performer, he is an American Radio/TV host, Political commentator. He used to make comedies about the Politician by imitating them. I watched a video named "Real Story" which is right now available at the Glenn site In that video there will be many scenes imitating various Politicians. The way he imitates all the politicians is really superb. He imitates many politicians and the way he imitates SEN JOHN MCCAIN is really superb and that is the best scene according to me in that video. Try watching many videos that Glenn had made by visiting his site. The way he imitates the politicians will be of great standards. And he is currently on a summer tour to various places where he would be performing a national wide shows in theaters. His summer tour starts from 17th of this month. To find out the venue of you could visit You could book your tickets online by visiting the site Watch the show and have fun......

Ganguly returns

As per the latest news Ganguly is more likely to play the test in India's tour to Sirlanka. It is good to see DADA's return after a long haul. Dada told the reporters that he is now confident with the shots as he has got himself trained during these days. He also added up that the rest given to him was really an useful one. I think dada would perform well if he is given chance to play in the Tests. He is nowadays concentrating on playing cool strokes and this really helps him get lot of runs.

LASIK surgery

LASIK is the name of the surgery that is done for the eye patients. It is mostly done for eye patients suffering from Myopia, Hyperopia, astigmatism. This is a type of refracted laser eye surgery, where a Laser light is used to correct the problems that occur problem. Using the his power light that comes out of the Laser light you could easily correct the eye lens by moving its position. The eye problem occurs because of miss positioning of ones eyes lens, which could be easily corrected using LASIK surgery. Do surf the net for more LASIK information at

The LASIK facts are:
  • This is one of the most effective procedure that is followed world wide to correct eye problems
  • LASIK has been right from the day its introduced. Its been successfully running for the past 10 years.
  • LASIK works really effective and the patients could expect 20/20 vision or better.
  • LASIK is safe and there wont be any severe complaints after the surgery.
People who fear of doing these kind of eye surgeries need not to worry anymore. As the FDA panel meeting that is held recently has confirmed the success of LASIK treatment. Scientific datas also provide that around 95.4% of people who undergone LASIK are satisfied on their results. Kenry D said “As one of the most studied medical procedures, LASIK is well-established and has an exceptional track record". Solomon, M.D, a world-renowned ophthalmologist and refractive surgeon at the Storm Eye Institute said "Today’s modern LASIK delivers superior safety and better visual results than ever before”

Dr. Solomon on LASIK:

Q: What is LASIK?
A: Today’s modern LASIK combines 3D mapping and customized treatment for the 1st all-laser technology. The US Military & NASA have approved this combination on personnel including pilots and astronauts. It’s the pinnacle of LASIK technology.

Q: Is everyone a candidate?
A: No. On average 20-25% of people are ineligible. Those with thin, irregularly shaped corneas or unrealistic expectations are not considered good candidates.

Q: What to do if I’m considering LASIK?
A: Talk to people and ask for referrals to find a good physician. The best patients do their own research. The estimated 2 hour exam includes 3-D mapping, customized wave-front measurements of your eye and an examination of your corneas.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: It's fast and nearly painless. Remember, LASIK is surgery. Recognizing benefits and risks is vital. Serious complications are less than 1%. These may include dry eye, halos & double vision that resolve over time or are managed by enhancements or therapy such as drops to replace the eye’s moisture.

“LASIK changes lives for the better. With today’s advanced technologies there is no better time to have LASIK”
-Dr. Solomon.

Rohit now in Tests

Rohit sharma has now improved a lot as a batsman. His batting performance is increasing day by day. His overall performance is good right from India's tour to Australia. He also performed well in Twenty20's and Asia cup. Since his performance is increasing and his style is good he is now tested by putting in Tests. He also said that Test's are very difficult than ODI's and he also said that he would definitely perform well in Tests. India really expects more from Rohit, even though he adds up strength to the Indian middle order batting line-up he still didn't made his first century. But looking at his batting style, he would definitely come up like Yuvraj, Dhoni in Future.

Glenn Beck's Blog

Glenn Beck, an American Political commentator, Tv/ Radio Host was born on 1964. He was a born Entertainer, he used to make people laugh with his great shows and Fusion Magazine, this is a comedy magazine written from a conservative perspective. Glenn is making more Political tours, Political means that he would go to many places and he will make peoples laugh by imitating Politicians. This summer he is conducting various Political Shows on various theaters located National wide. He is yet to conduct shows on 17,18 and 19th of this month to find the venue details check out the website We cant really explain about his show just in words, if you go to his show and got a experience about how he is performing, You would definitely become a fan for him. This a great show, since it is a Political show people likes the way how Glenn imitates others. Go, watch the show and Have fun. You could directly purchase tickets by visiting the website visiting Glenns blog and read his best comedies and have fun.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dhoni doubtful for Srilankas tour

Dhoni seems to be doubtful for India's tour to Srilanka. Dhoni has requested the BCCI for a rest as he was playing all the matches continuously. I think it is the right decision made by Dhoni. He has put all the barring on his shoulder to support team India, and it is the much required break for him. This would definitely result in better performance by him in the future. But when batting line up is concerned Dhoni is the only person who makes the middle order stronger. It would be a great loss for India if Dhoni rests. But any how these days all the players are performing well and hope team India would definitely win the test series at Sri lanka.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Beware of "Excuse me"

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Nadal ends Fedx's wining Streak

It was not at all a super Sunday as both the games Tennis and Cricket didn't made me happy. I was in a depressed mood on Sunday. I knew that Indians would definitely loose the match after a bad start and I could accept it in some way or other, but I could not able to beleive that Federer lost to Nadal. In the past few years both in clay and grass courts Federer is doing the same errors and Nadal is taking advantage of those things, still Federer is having problems with his back hand stroke which happened to be a great strength in Federe's game once. Federer has to come away with a new game plan to defeat Nadal, Nadal already have his own game plan, he could easily transform the pressure to the opponent just by winning a set point in opponents serve. This creates a great pressure on the opponents whom ever it made Even Fedx is struggling a lot to get out of this. Anyway a great historic event also occurred, Nadal ended up Fedx 5 consecutive winning streak. Being a Federers Fan, it was hard for me to accept these things. But I hope that Federer will definitely take the next Grand slam title home by using all his experience that he has in Tennis.


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The day came for India

Finally the day came for India where no batsman and no bowlers could perform well. Till the day of final, Indians some how managed to hide their bowling weakness using the strong batting line up. At last the Final came to tear the hidden weakness of Indians. Nothing you could really complain about the Indian Batsmen, bcoz they where giving their 100% each and every game. The bowlers cannot come up with success even for a single match. The bowling line up has no solid bowlers other than Ishant, Pathans performance was very poor through out the series. I think bowlers like Zaheer, Sreeshant and Harbajan should come to add strength to the Indians bowling attack. Lets wish India a Great success in their Forth coming matches. We didn't felt worst for missing the finals, bcoz we knew that Team India is really rocking and we still beleive that Indians will continue to rock ever.........

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Transformer ` Tastic

Transformer is a great film to watch. It really attracts the kids and all youths, because most of the youths would like to have a car that could transform itself as needed. This film really made the car lovers to become crazy to have a car as in that film. Some people even transformed their car Looks after seeing the movie.
Let me tell you about one of the most famous car brand Chevrolet. Chevrolet is produced by the Genral motors. Chevrolet is the number one sellers in US. Chevrolet has its primary markets in taly,Spain,Germany,Russia,Hungary,Ukraine, Turkey. And it has its Secondary markets in Netherlands, Belgium, UK and USA. To find about Chevrolet visit Chevrolet Europe website.

SMSes really screwing

I've got irritated with SMSes that is now becoming popular. The SMS says that you have a interview on particular date and on a particular venue. Dont accept these kind of SMSes, these are created by peoples to fool others. 2 days before I got a SMS saying that BE graduates having Infosys and Wipro interview on 5th. I rushed to the place to see that a fool have made every one fool. The message was not real, and I saw around 150 to 200 students coming to that venue bcoz of that SMS. Its really a Crack who starts all these things and make people to suffer, Its OK for me since I stay in Chennai and venue was also near to my house...But I saw many peoples coming from other locations like Trichy, Madurai,etc., to attend the interview. Whoever read this message beware of these kind of SMSes and don't accept any false informations coming thro' SMSes.. First inquire and then proceed........

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Friday, July 4, 2008

My company really sucks

Its really a waste of time for me to work on my company. There is no work for me in my company. Its really a hard time for me to work there. There wont be any work pressure or anything and no one is there to guide. They are just asking us to fill up a document 100 times and thats it. I'll sit and work and complete it within 3 hours and I'll submit to them, they just say its not enough go and do it again. There is nothing to learn from my company they are just making me to do the same thing every day. I've to learn it completely and go to bank and teach the bankers. Its really a hard job to do, bcoz in India most of the bankers don't know how to operate a computer. We have to teach them right from booting a computer. Its a hard and worst experience for me to work in that company.

Devil will clean your floor

There are many ways to clean up your floor or anything. Is there any possibility that you could make your own dog to lick up the floor when something is spilled down in your house.....? Isn't it funny to make a dog to clean the floor. There are many products available especially for cleaning the floor. Let me tell you about an effective method to clean your floor and dirt. You could make your floor clean and remove all the dirts from your house through Accu Charge. This is a very uselful product for you to clean up the dirts becoz, the new Dirt Devil's AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac use 70% less energy than any other cleaners. Because of this explicit feature Accucharge have got a Energy saver approval. Its a good title to make the people understand that it is one of the trusted brand. Most of the people would go to maximum extremes to clean the house. Some would appoint a Cleaner expecially for Cleaning the floor and waste loads of money giving them every month, and some would leave the floor wet as it is and this results in slippery floor. These kind of Stupid things can be overcome through AccuCharge. Refer to Energy Star by clicking here Energy Star . You would find how much benefits that a Energy star approved product will be useful in saving your Energy. Try AccuCharge and keep your floor clean and Dirt Free.

Federer vs Nadal

Last night I saw the match against Nadal and Schuttler. It was a great game, Nadal came up with nice serves. The way he controlled the game was outstanding. I saw his post match commentary, it was really a good one, it showed his confidence and the true spirit that he has in Tennis. He told that he not only tried to win this game he is also very conscious that he should win the game in straight sets. Nadal has explicit power and his serves are like rocket, this make the opponent whom ever it may be, even Federer cannot posses this much power. Its again Federer VS Nadal in the finals. Being a Federer fan I love Federer to win away the title, lets wait till Sunday for that great match where Federer and Nadal Clashes head to head in the court.

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Let me tell you some of my funniest experience that happened while me and my mom was cleaning the floor. Buy 10 O clock at the morning few of our guests promised to come to our house. Accidentally by 9.50 my mom dropped the water jug and the hall was full of water. We don't know what to do...... Then I got one idea, I took my hair dryer, Switched it ON and kept it near the wet floor to dry. Suddenly guests came in to our house and saw me using my hair dryer to clean the floor.. They all suddenly started to laugh at me.It was great shame for me, bcoz being an engineer I used to do these kind of foolish activities....The whole day went like that.. and all my relatives still used to tease me saying that you are the only person in the entire universe to use a hair dryer to clean the floor..... Isn't it funny and stupid.....To overcome from these kind of problems I've found a solution......Its very simple.......
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Inida pierced in to the finals

India have once again proved that they are the better side in the world. It was a hard time for the bowlers to be consistent on Pitches like Pakistan. The batting order is really a great plus for the Indian team. At no point of the time Indians struggled to make that target 309, it was quite a comfortable win for India. Each player playing their best which I like the most as a Indian. After winning the last match against Sri-lanka, India has book marked its name in the finals. Lets hope for the best to happen for team India. This batting line up makes each and every Indian to be proud.

Hollywood Love~Feel it

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pakistan field giving Indians a Hard time

Indians are really struggling to prove themselves in Pakistan field. The Indians even though having a great bowling line up them cant able to provide results. The main reason being there is no swing in the Pakistan pitches. Ishant Sharma tries a lot to find some swing in the pitch but it was hard to make the ball swing. It was ok with Ishan because even though he cant make the ball to swing he is consistent, but Irfan cant able to do anything. Sri lankans just smashed Irfans over today, he gave 80 runs from 10 overs. We cant really complaint our bowlers, because it was the pitch that makes all the difference. It is really a hard time for Indian bowlers and the bowlers are struggling a lot. Even though our batting line is very good we cant expect 100% out of them every time. The pitch is just pulling the Indians away from the Asia Cup.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No work for me in my Company

It was really a great comedy for a technical student working in a banking sector. The project that I'm now put in is Finacle. This is a core banking solution that Infosys have developed, and our company is one of the partner of Infosys who supports Infy in their project. The given to me is simple, I've to just learn how to work the software and I should go abroad or some where in India to teach the bankers how the software works. I got really irritated when the guy who took class for us narrated about our job. I was fully tensed and now my future is a big question mark to me. After studying around 5 years technically its hard for me to work in this job. Even a 1o th standard guy can do this job if he learns it. I'm very much irritated and dont know what to say about my job. I'm waiting for a break and still didn't got one, I'm positive that I would get one soon.

The 'Look' Check it out

The 'Look' is the way thro' which you Attract people, and people comes to know about others only thro' their looks. I give a polite and a humorous look to others that most of them would like d most. The 'Looks' makes people to decide about your character and how much they can believe in you. The photo of me is taken when me and my friends went to beach when i got placed. This look tells that I'm a relieved man and it says that I don't need to go with those files for interviews any more. I've told these things just as an example for Looks, Since I'm going to tell you about Flirting which is fully about your looks, you should be first aware of Looks.
Let me tell you about 'Flirting' because most of them might be unaware of it. Flirting is just an added fun, it deals with interacting with people of opposite sex. According to the research flirting has to be done because without flirting there wont be any progress in reproduction.There are 2 types of flirting one is Verbal flirting and the other is non verbal flirting, the non verbal flirting deals with flirting with people who are new to them thro' their body language.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stduied Technically and working in management

Having studied full of technical support for the past 6 years in my diploma and Engineering, its very boring for me to jump in to banking sector which is purely management. The staffs are giving me a hard time, even though the concepts are really interesting to hear my soul is not accepting them. My soul is telling that you are an technical engineer and shouldn't be in management sector. I really hate working in a banking sector, I've took this job for the time being but will definitely switch over within one year. Even though I'm in a bond for 1.5 years with this company I dont mind breaking my bond and giving away the company wat they asks as a penalty for breaking the bond. But all this will happen when I get a job in a Nice company which gives me a nice environment to update myself according to the upcoming technology. I'm very much interested in learning new things, but I know this wont happen when I'm in Backing sector. I'm still in the training period and I'll come to know about my job when I'm put in projects. Still waiting for the day to come and that day I'll decide to be in or out of the company........