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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stduied Technically and working in management

Having studied full of technical support for the past 6 years in my diploma and Engineering, its very boring for me to jump in to banking sector which is purely management. The staffs are giving me a hard time, even though the concepts are really interesting to hear my soul is not accepting them. My soul is telling that you are an technical engineer and shouldn't be in management sector. I really hate working in a banking sector, I've took this job for the time being but will definitely switch over within one year. Even though I'm in a bond for 1.5 years with this company I dont mind breaking my bond and giving away the company wat they asks as a penalty for breaking the bond. But all this will happen when I get a job in a Nice company which gives me a nice environment to update myself according to the upcoming technology. I'm very much interested in learning new things, but I know this wont happen when I'm in Backing sector. I'm still in the training period and I'll come to know about my job when I'm put in projects. Still waiting for the day to come and that day I'll decide to be in or out of the company........

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