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Monday, April 21, 2008

Chennai super kings

Dhoni remains all time favorite for Indians. Now he has moved to Chennai IPL Team to win away all the hearts of Chennai people. It was a fine Saturday evening 4p.m the match started with Parthiv Patel falling shortly after scoring 15 runs for him, he is an former wicket keeper of INDIA. The two Australian batsman's Hayden and Hussey gave an fiercing start to Super kings. Hayden seems to be in good touch with the ball played some good knocks.The he was bowled by pathan with an big inside edge of his bat. Then the Chennai Super kings Hero Hussey Started to play his UN USUAL game making 100 in just 50 balls. This is the fastest ever century by any batsman in this tournament. He never let the team down, he managed to score 116(54) in an 20 over match. The people all around chennai were stunned after seeing his furious batting skills. The way he played every ball could be remembered forever by all the fans from chennai. Super king challenged Kings XL Punjab with an mighty score of 240. This score seemed to be more than enough for any team to beat. Punjab also gave an nice fight back, they fought till the end but they were able to get only 207 after 20 overs. Chennai super kings won the match by 33 runs and bench marked its name in IPL.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Walkman® on top

W980i,this is the latest Walkman phone that Sony Ericsson going to launch very shortly.With inspiring black colour the phone looks really sexy. This phone is mainly known for its Walkman. The quality that Sony Ericsson is providing in their new Walkman series is an absolute stunner. U could experience an real digital quality in Sony Ericsson's Walkman series. There are many key features of this phone to tell about.......

Features you could find in this phone.

  • It has an large amount of storage capacity,its about 8GB of internal memory. This feature is more special thing because no other mobile makers provide this much of storage capacity in their phones.
  • It provides fast access to GSM using which you can download any songs as per your wish at any time.
  • It is not mandatory that you have to open your phone while hearing songs. U could close the phone and use the external navigator option that is provided outside the phone.
  • The most amazing thing that sony ericsson has made is their head phone. It could be easily injected in your ears that enables you to hear music with greater quality.
And I am sure that this phone is really going to rock......This is an definite treat for all Mobile lovers and music lovers.....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Project partner and Me....:)

This is ASHIK my project mate and a good Friend of mine. This still was shot when we were in Kodai kaanal. Our entire class itself went to this tour during semester holidays.

  • About Ashik
He is an decent guy with cute smile. He loves talking about sports(Football), History, Wild animals.....He is little bit Lazy guy sleeps all the time when he is at home. And not interested in college functions like Culturals, Meetings........He is an guy with positive attitude feels straight to express what he is having in his mind. Let me tell an incident that recognizes him that he is an very straight forward person. One day sir was teaching fiber optics in our class, the chapter was a little bit bore. We where fully unsettled with that, we thought how to make sir to stop the class. That time Ashik the man who stopped the class by sending an brilliant sms to sir"Hey man ur class is boring just get off from here". The sir immediately responded by moving away from the class.... Thanks to Ashik...Later he faced more problems thats not the matter......But still this incidence tells that he is a Brave and a Straight forward guy.......He sings very well(loudly) it would be like 10 people shouting at a time....Wow what a singer......

  • About our project
I've to definitely mention few things about how we manged to complete our project work. When we have reached our final semester we went to an project center to register our name. Then after two months that is during our final review we went to the project center to get our project but the guy( thunder eyes) project center manager told your project is not ready yet, You have to wait 1 week for your project to be completed. I dont know what to do because we have to submit our project for the final review. Then again ASHIK the brave man did an magic he just went to his friends house and got his project from him and brought the project directly to the final review. I was shocked how he got the project at the last minute. I asked him about that matter he just smiled and I then left that matter Because if I asked him about that continuously he will think that he is an great man. Personally I don't want to hurt people ......:)

Still there is much about him to say he is an good athlete. He is playing eleven in our 22 balls team(ECE'A' Cricket team). We managed to go till the final unbeaten, but just cant make through it, just miss. Anyway our fnds did an fine job going till the finals and I have to mention few names of our cricket team who did extremely well in making our team reach finals Anish, Ajmeer, Karthik, Karthik, Zaheer, Ashik, Brenton, Jafar, Augustine.

I've plenty to talk about him but it wont be enough to describe about him.

This is me, We took this still in munaar. We enjoyed a lot in munaar. This is still is actually taken to capture the girls who are passing behind me but its my bad luck because, no one in that group is beautiful enough to see. Have a closer look at this still.

The Best Antivurus~NOD32

Felt tired of finding an Best Anti virus? Try this one NOD32......ESET found any amazing antivirus NOD32. The best ever Anti virus that I've found after so many years. I've installed many Anti virus softwares but I couldn't get the full security that I have got through this Anti virus.

The things distinguishes Nod32 from other Anti viruses.......

  • High speed
Other Anti virus softwares would slow down your PC during startup. But after installing Nod32 you wont find any difference in the speed of your system. Its performance wont decrease at any cost.

  • Fast Scan
It really scans the files faster than any other anti virus softwares. U can perform various type of Scans. In depth analysis finds all the viruses and spy wares in ur system

  • Quick update
Most of the anti virus softwares wont update very fast. But this performs the update process very faster. The site wont be down at any time. And it get updates around 2 to 3 per day.Recently there was an virus named Newfolder.exe I tried many anti virus softwares to kill that virus but the only anti virus that killed that virus is Nod32. Finally saying this anti virus is Fast, Reliable, and secure it would fully satisfies your needs. Recently nod32 Antivirus 3.0.650.0 is available.
But one major problem about this antivirus is that ESET wont provides an life long license to this Antivirus, it is very strict in license process. U have to renew your license periodically.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Amazing Airport Runway

Have you ever seen an Airport Runway similar to that you are seeing in that Image? This is the worlds Amazing Airport Runway. It is the costliest Airport of all the Airports in the world. The total runway of this Airport is around 2000 meters with 1000 meters of the Runway built above the water with 180 pillars. Each pillar is around 50 meters height which is equivalent to an 17 floor building. The Boeing747 (Jumbo JET) could also use this runway for its safe landing. This is one of the most widest plane in the world. This tells how much capacity it could hold. Love to see this Airport? Fly to Portugal.....:)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Worlds beautiful car park in Germany

Have a closer look at this picture by clicking on it.
This is one of the Greatest and beautiful car parking system in the world. This is in Germany. This is one of the most rarest car parking system you might have ever seen. If u see the picture in a new page you would definitely appreciate mans creations. I was stunned when I saw this picture hope you would also react the same when you see this picture. This is constructed in the car towers of the VW Autostad in Wolfsburg. This mechanism is different that the other car parking system. You have to place the car in an projecting type stand. There is an motor mechanism that moves the car places in a free space.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

World's thinnest Laptop-Apple MacBook

Have u ever imagined an laptop of 0.16 inch of thickness....? Apple the owners of MacOS has made it. It's called as super-slim laptop due to its thin size. And its designed in such a way that it turns ON once you open it. It is named as MacBook Air due to its less weight. CEO of Apple Steve Jobs introduced this Laptop at the Mac world conference in San Francisco.It is less than an inch thick and it is said that it could work faster than the other Laptops.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phone Booth"A ringing Phone has to Answered"-The film I loved the most

Phone Booth, this is the film I loved the most than any other English films. I started to see the English films only 2 years before when I got the internet connection and I have seen Around 30 to 35 English films . I can remember some of the good movies like Pursuit of happyness, Troy, Gladiator... But this movie I loved the most. Director Joel Shumacher has done an great Job in makinf of this film. An whole story inside an Telephone booth....Stunning....That to very interesting, waiting for the next scene.......Amazing..... If U've seen this film U could feel why I am praising this film so much. If haven't seen the film try seeing this film as soon as possible. Of all the thriller movies I've ever seen this film is a bit different with thriller from Start till the end of the film.

Story Line:
The story line Seems to be a different from other thriller films it holds its Audience in their seats. Director has manged to make the film to complete itself within 1 and quarter hour of time. The film starts with a man(stu) who is a lier getting in to a Phonebooth. He used to lie to all his friends,to his wife and even in his work place. A guy who is continuously watching his lies makes a call to him when he is in the phonebooth and points a highly magnified rifle in to stu's chest. And makes stu to admit his mistakes infront of his wife and reporters. The movie is only 1 hr long with full of thriller. Amazing movie watch it..:)
Tag lines: A ringing Phone Has to Answered, Hang up and u die, Your life is on the line.

Monday, April 7, 2008

India in the Coming Years.....

As we all know Indian Population is increasing at an rapid rate for each and every second. If this situation continues for another 50 years then we will find India in An most similar stage as its funnily said below.......:

Already there is no place for peoples to travel in Train, buses and Other transport services. Because of this rapidly increasing population there might even be no place to travel in Aeroplane.. see how the peoples manages to travel in a foot board even in flights.....
Conductor in the flight: Ticket... Ticket.... the guys hanging on the foot board please take d ticket...Wait till the flight stops..... don't get down of the running flight......:)

Google earth has improved a lot in few years. If Google continues to improve, in the up coming years it might be possible to view what an employee is doing without coming to the Office.. Manager: Hey man take your hand from that girl she is my wife.. Oh god......

The Mobile services has been increasing these days in India. Even though there is no place for people to live these mobile servicers find their place to put their Tower after each and every km. Due to this the pretty ghosts has to worry to find their ways to move in the Air without getting Shock from the Waves Radiating from the Towers.....:)
Ghosts: Oh god what are these lines biting me...

Babies wont find difficult in Calling their Mom. All the baby has to do is to send a mail to their Mom and call her........
Baby: U mom Where r u don't u Think your Baby needs milk when he is thirsty......R u Having Chat with next house uncle.......? Come soon otherwise i'll send a mail to my DAD.......

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nayantara~The girl who spilled water in Youths sleep

Nayantara--->An Sexy Storm

Have a look at her and u wont sleep for nights. An Stunning girl from kerala came to Tamil cinema Industry to spoil all youths sleep..:) She made her first film with Sarath Kumar in IYYA. Peoples went to cinema theaters to see this film b'coz of this sexy doll. The Song Athiribathiri kathirika turned in to an great hit b'coz of Nayanthara and her mini skirt.

Later she Joined with Rajinikanth in the movie Chandramuki.She played a decent role in that film. She was an song teacher in that film and lover of Rajinikanth(Super Star). This is an great Chance for her to bench mark herself in tamil industry b'coz no one could ever get a chance that much earlier with Rajinikanth. She then gave an item number in Ghajini to satisfy the thirts of her fans. Then she made an film with Simbu in which she committed herself both in film and with Simbu. Later she realized the fantasies of Simbu and said bye bye to him. And she later joined with S.J.Surya in Kalvanin Kathali in Which she looked to HOT than ever before. As we all know about Suryas films even an fish market girl looks sexy in his films....:)

Her current project Yaaradee Nee Mohini is with Dhanush son-in-law of Rajini.This is a much awaited film as it is an Tamil remake of Selvaragavans film Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule. She looks damn hot in that film stills this an definite treat for all her fans....:)Lets wait and watch how good she is in that film.Songs have also came good in that Film.

her: She is an cute girl with Childish Character. She used to spend more time with her family. She loves her fans very much U will get reply from her surely if u send an mail to her in her fans Website. She is an great music Lover spends most of her leisure time in hearing musix. She is an fun lover and very very childish as u can note if u see her interviews. She wont spend her free time in outing. She loves to stay in her house during free time. Her other passions are Cooking and playing with pets...:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trichy - My home city

There are various interesting things in trichy.First what u will come to know when u come to trichy is Its greatest fame Rock fort..

It is an 83m high fort situated at the heart of trichy. Its near the chatram bus stand in trichy.An 10 mins walk from chatram bus stand will take u to the Rock fort. More valuable Statues are found inside the temple.Its said that it is
3.800 million years old. This adds up more fame to this giant fort. The most valuable thing about this fort is materials like Quartz,Felpar are used in its rock formation.

The name of the temple that is above the rock is
Uchipillaiyar Koil.The temple is dedicated to Lord Vinayaka. An whole view of trichy city is possible when u've climbed this 83m high fort.If u attempt to climb few more steps from there u would reach Mathrubutheswarar of Thayumanaswami temple it s dedicated to Lord Siva.U could see a lingam shape from the projection of Rock.Below the Siva temple there are 2 caves with beautiful sculptures honoring them. These sculptures belongs to 6th and 7th Century.

The center of attraction is not the Fort but the temple that attracts all kind of tourists.It requires an 344 stpes to be climbed to reach the temple.The main gate is still not yet destroyed and is still intact from 3rd century.

A Twist here~An interesting quiz.......:)

Here is an very interesting quiz that i've found.....I heard this quiz 5 years back but i could remember it even today that much interesting........:) Here we go......

Q:A man has struck in a dense forest... there is only one way for him to escape from the forest.What all he has to do is to cross an cave.There are two caves in one cave there will be no animals and he can walk away freely and in the other cave there will be wild animals like lion,Elephant,.....For him to choose between two caves there is only one clue. 1 guy will be standing in front of each cave and in that one will be speaking always the truth and other will lie all the time.
An important condition here is that he has to ask only one question to any of those guys with that itself he should be able to find the correct way...

Have u found the answer......?........?Think.......

A:The question he has to ask to any of those guys is "If I ask the person next to you which is the correct way to go what will he say"

Let me tell it in brief...

There are two cases one is he might ask this question to guy who speaks truth else he might ask to an lier...

Let us take the first case that he is asking the question to a truth teller he would tell the correct path only but since the question u are asking is "If I ask the person next to you which is the correct way to go what will he say" he would tell the wrong path as the correct b'coz his partner will tell only the wrong this case he will get the wrong path route......

Next case is asking the same question to an lier. The truth teller would say the correct path only but since the question is asked to an lier he will always tell lies only in this case also he will get the wrong path route only.......

So the man will find the wrong route path using that question and he could go thro' the other cave and escape.......:)