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Friday, July 4, 2008

Federer vs Nadal

Last night I saw the match against Nadal and Schuttler. It was a great game, Nadal came up with nice serves. The way he controlled the game was outstanding. I saw his post match commentary, it was really a good one, it showed his confidence and the true spirit that he has in Tennis. He told that he not only tried to win this game he is also very conscious that he should win the game in straight sets. Nadal has explicit power and his serves are like rocket, this make the opponent whom ever it may be, even Federer cannot posses this much power. Its again Federer VS Nadal in the finals. Being a Federer fan I love Federer to win away the title, lets wait till Sunday for that great match where Federer and Nadal Clashes head to head in the court.

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