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Monday, July 7, 2008

The day came for India

Finally the day came for India where no batsman and no bowlers could perform well. Till the day of final, Indians some how managed to hide their bowling weakness using the strong batting line up. At last the Final came to tear the hidden weakness of Indians. Nothing you could really complain about the Indian Batsmen, bcoz they where giving their 100% each and every game. The bowlers cannot come up with success even for a single match. The bowling line up has no solid bowlers other than Ishant, Pathans performance was very poor through out the series. I think bowlers like Zaheer, Sreeshant and Harbajan should come to add strength to the Indians bowling attack. Lets wish India a Great success in their Forth coming matches. We didn't felt worst for missing the finals, bcoz we knew that Team India is really rocking and we still beleive that Indians will continue to rock ever.........

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