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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Know about Glenn

Glenn Beck was a born performer, he is an American Radio/TV host, Political commentator. He used to make comedies about the Politician by imitating them. I watched a video named "Real Story" which is right now available at the Glenn site In that video there will be many scenes imitating various Politicians. The way he imitates all the politicians is really superb. He imitates many politicians and the way he imitates SEN JOHN MCCAIN is really superb and that is the best scene according to me in that video. Try watching many videos that Glenn had made by visiting his site. The way he imitates the politicians will be of great standards. And he is currently on a summer tour to various places where he would be performing a national wide shows in theaters. His summer tour starts from 17th of this month. To find out the venue of you could visit You could book your tickets online by visiting the site Watch the show and have fun......

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