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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carbon Neurtral Search` Eco friendly tool

Carbon Neutral Search Engine is really a great search engine to use, bcoz it readuces the amount of CO2 generated per search. As a Indian I know how much the India's Pride Taj Mahal is affected due to the polluted air. The Color of Taj Mahal is changing day by day, its changing from Pure white to Yellowish White. Most of the search engines generate more CO2 while the search process.
The Carbon Neutral is an Eco Friendly Search Engine that produces less CO2 when compared to other search engines. Normally the Carbon Neutral search Engines ejects only 300g of CO2 in the search process, which is negligible when compared to other search engines. All you have to do is, go to the Carbon Neutral Search Website and link it to your search engines that you could see at the right top corner of your page. Even this result produces the same result as your Google search, it reduces the CO2 that is generated during the search process. So use this Eco friendly tool and save the Environment from being polluted. This search is also speedy as your GOOGLE search. Spread this Carbon Neutral search Engine and make this search as your default search and make people know about this and create an Carbon Neutral Environment. I'm very proud to write about this Carbon Neutral Search engine, as I'm a part of saving my Environment from being polluted.

1 comment:

riRiN! said...

hm.. Taj mahal color changed by the time? it is terrible.. but, i still curious.. how could this tool reduces CO2 that was produced during the search process?