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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sony ericsson Xperia X1

This is the latest mobile phone that sony ericsson is going to lauch very shortly. The Qwerty keyboard in this phone makes the typewriting more simpler which is one of the key feature of this phone. With windows mobile inside you could experience the real quality audio and video. Its an ARC slider desingn, Which has an keyboard inside. It has an 3 inch wide VGA display with an metal body. You could experience as amazing audio quality as you could get in most of the sony ericsson models. It is an edge supported phone that makes you to stay online with ease.. It has lots of new features in it.....Just Xperience the Xperia X1

Chennai outplayed Punjab

The most interesting thing to say here is, even though punjab managed to make at least a win against its opponent teams its actions didn't work against Dhoni and his mens. Its been an great fight between (Dhoni vs yuvraj) and (Dhoni vs Shewag) as most of you know about their rivalry. I cant still understand why Dhoni gave the first over to Murali, but any how it seem to be very lucky start for Chennai. From the next over onwards wickets started to flow on a regular intervals. Dhoni's attacking field set was simply mind blowing. The way he used the bowlers was simply amazing. He asked Nitini and Gony to complete their 4 overs in their opening spell itself which made punjab to loose all their top order wickets. with only an little job to do done with chennai superkings batsman's, they started off well and ended up in style. It was totally a fun package with great entertainment for all the Chennai super kings fans...........Could Chennai superkings win the IPL T-20 trophy.......? Lets wait and watch.....:)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fancy Memory Stricks~Fun to watch:)

The memory sticks that you see in these pictures are disigned by Philips in collaboration Swarovski. They named these memory sticks as 'Active Crystal'. They have made many designs in this type. To see more of their collection visit

Chennai superkings in to the semis

Chennai superkings have at last made it through the semis....... It might have been an easy entry for the chennai in to the Semis but after the Hayden and Hussey went off from the chennai superkings its being an great effort put by Kings to re build the team. But I could still say that the team is in complete without Hayden and Hussey. The bowling and batting continues work against chennai superkings....... The bowlers could not able to contain their spell and there is no solid partnerships that is maintained at any order in the batting...... There is no standard batsman who could hit atleast an half century for each and every match........ This is being an great minus for the Superkings....... To win KingsXL Punjab the Superkings has to concentrate on their batting........Lets hope for the best results........

Interesting SMSes

  • Sales man went to an house and asked to an guy,
SM: Which company tooth paste do use sir....?

guy: Baba's

SM: Which company Soap are you using sir.......?

Guy: Baba's

SM: Which company Spray are you using Sir.........?

Guy: Baba's

SM: Excuse me sir, you use only Baba's product, is it an international company....?

Guy: Actually, baba is my friend name....:)

  • A news paper published 50% of sardars r fools. All sardars protested against the news.
The next day it published 50% off sardars are not fools and sardars were very happy.

  • 2 men searching for their lost wife.
1st: How your wife look like..?
2nd: 5'11,36-2436, fair,bold,blue eyes, very sexy, wat abt urs....?
1st: " forget mine, lets search yours......:)

Our Thala Ajmeer Under great trouble

As per the research made by our classmates in the past one month, the messages about our thala (Ajmeer) has exceeded Kuruvi(Vijay) by an great margin. The whole applauds goes to our whole class who have worked very hardly to make thala's name reach widely.........:) After great insult, thala himself started from his home town Madurai and have reached chennai to find who is sending SMS about him. I felt badly for missing my fnds after my degree, but thala who made our whole class to be united......... Thanx thala......NOTE: Anyone who read this don't inform thala..... then all his anger would be shown on me.........

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My cute and Bright Cousin at his b'day

I love this guy attitude an good playboy...... And entertains every one around him with his nice behavior.. And he is one of the brightest student in his class room...... And this day he is celebrating his 8th b'day...And we had lots of fun........He spends most of his time in watching cinema..... He gets within 5th rank.......Nice student brilliant and very cute guy.....I love being with him.....

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Others

Its an nice movie to watch, the way the story moves was little bit different from the other movies. U could find no scene boring in this film. Nicole kidman has proved that she is one of the best actor. The way all the characters act in the film was simply mind blowing. If you watch the film u wont say that they are acting, each person lived as a character in that film. The little kids have also done a great job. The single minute twist in that film was simply superb, I never expected that scene in that film, If you watch the film you would definitely find what am I speaking about. This film has every thing in it a little bit of horror, glamor, and full of suspense. Watch the film and experience how the people acted in that film just lived as their character.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My great interview partners

Even though there was some drawbacks in not getting placed in on campus interviews we enjoyed lot of benefits without getting placed. The main advantage in not getting placed is that we could gain enough knowledge by attending all the interviews, we will get OD for the whole day even the interview is for 5 minutes, travel more places by going to different venues, we can see more girls as we got to different college. Since the advantages are more than the dis-advantages we enjoyed the interviews. The photo that you see right side is the group of ECE guys from our college who enjoyed the campus interviews by not getting placed. Let me tell the names of those guys Sheik(me), Sathish, Mohideen, Prabakaran, Rahman, Sarfu, Wasim. Now the 4 year of my college life has been ended and now I'm in search of a good job, hope will get an right one soon......:) I write this on my b'day, not much of celebration just spending my b'day in home itself....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Akthar's Magical Spell

It has been an great fight by the knight riders to find their name within the first four place in the IPL points list. The Rajastan Royals are still in the top of the table with 14 points winning 7 out of 9 games and behind them comes the King XL punjab and the Chennai Super kings with 6 wins taking away 12 points. The top 4 teams leading the points table would qualify for the semis. The DD managed to restrict KKR within 133 runs. Having only little to be done by the batsman the DD got in to the field. Shewag seems to be more aggressive each and every match he is palying, this continued in this match to. His aggressiveness didn't worked against Akthar's phase. Shewag got out for a duck in the first ball that he faced against Akthar. The wicket started to flow for DD, Akthar was rewarded by a wicket whenever he comes to bowl. He took 4 from his first spell of 3 overs. This put DD in an critical situation from which they couldn't able to relieve through out the match. Sharuk khan and the whole kolkatta enjoyed after seeing the Akthar's performance on their Home soil. As Ganguly said this is one of the most memorable win that he had ever achieved being as a captain. With Akthar KKR seems to be very dangerous at this moment. The next match will tell all the stories whether Akthar is an passing cloud or ever lasting sky.......

Monday, May 12, 2008

Some interesting Jokes

  • Q: How would you identify sardar's son in a class room?

A: Its simple, check who is erasing his notes when teacher is cleaning the board...ha ha ha...think......

  • Can u believe things people do?
I was sitting next to an guy in a church at the middle of the prayer he lit up an ciggrate, I was shocked and I nearly drooped my beer......

  • Husband asked his wife in their first nite
Dariling is this really an first nite to you? She replied.....
No this is the first time ever at nite...:)

  • Doc: Your husband needs some rest. Here are some sleeping tablets.
wife: When must I give it to him doc?
Doc: These are for you....!!

Comedies that rocked our class in past 3 years of my degree

Let me start of with Ajmeer, He is the guy who we think the best person for comedy, Here an important matter has to be noted, No comedies are made by Ajmeer all comedies are made by others about him.

The best comedy that he made is that, One day We all attended the quiz along with Ajmeer, the question in that quiz was in an image format, it was actually an counter, and the question was to tell the name of that counter. That time Ajmeer stood up and told its "Chinna Koundar" if you are an Tamilian you would really laugh after seeing this. Will any body with small amount of brain would ever tell this answer? Only our thala Ajmeer can do it.:)

Have you ever heard an senior being ragged by an junior? No where it happens....But it happens here with Ajmeer. He is the only guy who used to Rag the juniors with great interest, but the juniors will laugh after hearing what he tells. The first question what he asks to the juniors is about the girls in their class. It would be their first day of their college and they wouldn't been seen any girls, even though Thala would torcher them to tell the girls name and their mobile number( how they would tell without knowing, this makes Thala's ragging time an serious comedy time) the juniors would find him with that single question itself that he is not great dada and walk away without answering his questions. Then thala will come to room and simply shout and drinks some water and sleeps.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

BSNL borad band connection

Before an year I was using Airtel and then switched to BSNL because of the high speed. The BSNL is providing more valuable packages that would be more useful for its customers. They have removed the rental of the land line phone completely. The Bsnl could provide 2mb of bandwidth and you can download any files at the rate of around 250kb/s. This connection is very good, the main dis advantage with the Bsnl is as it is an government controlled the service wont be too good, they wont respond to your queries quickly. I have given the h500c connection, this is the best connection for the students, We can browse from 2 to 8 am unlimitedly and they have also given 1.5gb free every month to use.

An black day in chennai

This incident happened to me before 1 month. It was the last day for submitting the project reports. So I took 1000rs for taking print out for the project report and also took some money for taking bus ticket and for drinking some fresh juice as it was an summer season. I just went to printout shop to take print out, but my fate the shop was closed, here the black day started for me. Then I thought why to waste time in just waiting till the shop opens, before the shop opens we shall go to the college and gather some info about our project. Then I caught an bus to my college, and it was very crowded and I had no space even to stand. Then I took the ticket and was travelling with that crowd tightly compressing me. When I reached the next stop I noticed that the 1000rs money alone missing from my pocket. I cant do any thing I thought for a while that I should have kept that money in my room itself and just left that matter too easily. But when I came to my room and checked my cub-board I noticed that my money was stolen by some one in the bus. Why Am I telling this is because any body reading this dont keep the money on the shirt pocket, if the money is less keep it in the shirt pocket itself it doesn't matter but if u take more money try to keep the money in the pant pocket.

Trichy improved a Lot

My home city Trichy has improved a lot within these few years. After an long break I visited my home city and was surprised the way things has changed over there. I would confidentially say that the best Railway station that I have ever seen is in Trichy and they are maintaining it very neatly. Many bridges has been opened and the roads has been expanded and maintained properly, The construction process of many IT parks has been started, Many new things in trichy wow an rapid development.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Beautiful mind~ Makes ur mind really beautiful

An outstanding film that attracted me a lot, the story line is totally different no reputation of any scene could be found in that film. The hero of this film have also did a great job, his acting made the film to be an great success. This is an lengthy film around 2 and 1/2 hours, this is the next lengthy movie that I've watched next to "Titanic". The Heroes assumption of what was not real is shown in the film perfectly by the director. I imagine how these guys could think this much differently than others, any way according to me this film gets 9.5 out of 10 points, I was impressed with that film that much. The last scene of the film really made me so sad, this is the next film that made so sad next to "Pursuit of Happyness". A Beautiful mind this is the best title that matches the film and the director has chosen that to correctly, as a whole an great job by the whole unit. I watched this film during an rainy season and watched it lonely, If it rained in your area don't forget to watch this movie, because the rain effect adds feeling to this movie.

Chennai kings

It seems chennai kings are little bit struggling to bat first on any track without Hayden and Hussey. Dhoni thinks that if they bat first they could be able to make around 200 runs on the board, But its not achievable without those two Australians. Dhoni have to change his game startergy, because Stephen is totally out of form struggling to get enough bat on the ball, the remaining batsman's except Dhoni could not able to play big shots. If this continues chennai kings could not be able even one match. So Dhoni has to change his gaming startergy and try to chase and check whether it works or not.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bye Bye Friends~My everlasting sweat memories

Enjoyed and shared those pleasant and beautiful movements with my friends have ended tis day. Thinking of those funny and great comedies that rocked our whole class. Our classmate Thala the main target for us, used to have good jokes(not with him just about him). Have you ever heard a name of a guy turned in to an nickname of himself.....? It happens only in our class.......With our thala(Ajmeer)......Lots have happened in our class in these past 4 years of our college life and ended very up very fast like an thunder. The things that we shared among us cant be explained just in words. Those little fights that we had with each other...that made us really close cant be forgotten ever.....The thing tat hurts me a lot is tat we cant have the same chat by sitting together in our class room and canteen....And I'm trying to reverse pedal my bicycle knowing that I'm riding in an steep down slope.........Miss you friends......I'll never forget you ever........:)

Let me list out some of my friends name who I cant forget ever in my life.......There is no particular order for these great names that stayed with my name in our attendance book.......:)

Aku, Ashik, Anees, Ajmeer, Mansoor, Sharfudin, Rehman, Liyakath, Jebran, Jafar, Jainul, Arun, Dku, Hathim, Mohideen, Abdullah, Shimar, Ahmed, Wasim, Ifthikar, Basith, Azees, Brentan, Javid, Haris vijay, Abubacker, Augustine, Deepak, Aysesha, Kalivani.........