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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Unnale Unnale – come, fall head over heels in love

This is an amazing movie according to movie. The director have did a great job in making of this film. New face Tanisha performance in this film was just mind blowing. Slow moving film with enough of love, the movie seems to be balanced. Whole of the movie was filmed in foreign which made the movie even colorful. Viney and Tanisha seems to be an perfect match. Sadha's negative role was also good according to me. Songs by "Harris jeyraj" what to say about his songs ever hits as usual, vaigasi nilavey and june pona rocked the tamil industry at the time of its release. Totally an fun package with lots of love.


"Vel" an perfect Tamil village special, Some what religious. The film has nothing in it, the same old story line. The two twins living far away from each other without knowing that they are having an brother. At the climax they meet each other and swap each other to destroy the villans. Nowadays Tamil fans are interested in thrust of seeing an different movie. This is an much awaited film for Surya and asin because this pair was doing this movie after their great hit Gajini. But when you compare this movie with Gajini this movie is nothing in front of Gajini. According to me this movie is "an fast track movie with comedy track well handled by vadivelu".


Divya the glamorous queen made the film look interesting with her sexy actions. Danush as usual doing his job correctly, he does what the director expects from him, he doesn't over act. The story line of this movie is little bit different from other movies. The movie starts with the hero who likes to buy a new bike and after buying the bike he starts to ride in that bike and starts to impress the heroin with that bike. Suddenly the villans in that film steals his bike. The remaining part of the story is how the hero manages to get his bike from the villans by fighting them. The comedy part was well handled by Karunas and Sandanam. The first half of the movie is full of comedy and the remaining part of the movie is full of actions.


According to me this is the only Tamil movie that has been took equivalent to Hollywood movie. The director Vishnuvarthan is a kind of guy who thinks differently and makes huge difference between any of his two films. This movie is an remake of rajini's Billa. Even though the story line of this movie is same as that old Billa people could accept this movie because of its perfection. Thala Ajith has proved that he could act better than others. He looked simply handsome in that movie. Nayanthara was simply gorgeous, no heroin could stand in Tamil industry if they have chosen to Act in an glamorous role, but Nayanthara is an exception. This film moves in a thunder speed. According to me this film is an mile stone reached by the Tamil industry. Here after Tamil fans will expect these kind of quality movies only.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


After giving an hit movie Deepavali these two pairs have joined in Vazhtukal. Not much to say about this film, it was not spoken a lot about this film. The music part was handled by Yuvan Shankar Raja the guy who knows what his fans likes from him has given an yet another feast to his fans. The movie starts with a flash back by Madhavan. Madhavan the CEO of Amma hates marriage because of his friend. Maddy friend left his parents hearing to his wife speech. This made an bad impression about girls in his mind that if I get married to an girl she would definitely separate me from my family. Later he finds Bhavana in an TV channel and hears what she feels about the family that impressed maddy a lot. And then maddy falls in Love with Bhavana and the remaining part is just full of love.

Thotta – a bullet sans target!

This is the first movie in which Priyamani and Jeevan have combined. After the great hit of Parutheveeran Priyamani have chosen this film. Jeevan seems to be well comfortable as villan but he has chosen to be an Hero. This film is totally different from other Tamil films. Jeevans mother was beaten to death by his father. Jeevan takes revenge and tries to hit back his father. At that time he sees Priyamani and makes her as a police officer and with her help he attacks his father. According to me the film is some what old with more of old scenes repeated.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kaalai – Rebel sans cause

This is the simbu's next film after Vallavan. After an long break he joined with Vedika an new face to act in Kaali. In this film Simbu acted in a different role as he acted in ThottiJaya. He is an hero plus an gangster. He used to fight for the things that he doesn't likes. Actrees Vedika looked very sexy in this film. Simbu hates her because he is not used to these kind of proposals, and his job is like stading on an knife edge and he could not think of a life partner for his life.Simbu then turns in to Kaalai with an long hair and with strange looks to destroy the enemies. I haven't seen this film but according to me this film gets 4 out of 10, and that to because of the songs by G.V.Prakash and the sexy actress vedika. An interesting thing about this film is T.R. the father of Simbu went and had a great fight with the director for taking an worst film with his son.


This is the film in which these two have joined after their super hit Sami.This is an most awaited film because of the delay.Previous film for vikram which is Anniyan also been delayed more than an yaer, that turned in to an massive hit when it has been released. In this film the same thing has been awaited, vikram also told in many interviews about this film that this the film that I've enjoyed a lot and I hope that it would be a massive hit. But the reverse of it happened, the film was a great flop. According to me the film is good, but what the people couldn't digest is the action. This film has too much of actions in it just as the film puthupettai which is the Selvaragavans 3rd film with Dhanush. Puthupettai was good but with lot of actions, tamil fans hates to much of actions. The next film for vikram is Kandasamy that is being directed by Susi was also an action film I think that film would come and balance vikram after this film flop. Thirisha is becoming more and more sexy nowadays. She has improved a lot and have became an dream girl for lots of tamil fans. Let me whish vikram that his forth coming film Kandasmy to be an great hit for him........

Sadhu Miranda- A casual cocktail of comedy and suspense

This is the first film that these two pairs have been jointly worked. This is the film that prasana acted before he acted as an villan in the film named Anjathey. This an perfect film with nice faces. Kavya madhavan is as beautiful as ever and Prasanna an romantic hero made the film to look colourful. Not much for me to say about this film as I haven't watched this film. Abbas has also acted in this film and he is now looking like an old man and has put lots of weight. The comedy part is well handeled by karunas. Prasanna also joined with karunas for support. This movie is an nice time pass movie with no boring scenes. Just enjoyement not much to say about this film....

Anjathey-A Twisty tale of two friends

This movie is best know for its simplicity and good story. The director mysskin have did two projects in tamil Sithiram pesuthadi and Anjathey. In both the films he has a proved an single point that there is no need for spending to much money in a film to make the film an super hit its just the story line that makes the film an super hit. According to me villan prasana acted good than Naraien. Narein could not improve is way of acting even after acting 3 to 4 films. His acting is as worst as ever. The film have lots of twist in it. U cant guess what the next scene would be. The dircetor has maintained this till the end of the film. The film is fully an hero based based story and with an small part handeled by heroin. According to me you can watch two times this film in a theatre. This film can be awarded eight points out of ten.

Sivaji-The Boss

I'm happy to write about my thala super star in my first post. Rajini acted in this film after an huge gap. This is an totally different story line, this flim is totally an message for those who is having black money. This is an great film that has been took to attack the politicians. The comedy part is well handeled by vivek and Rajini. Some of the unseen actors like Salamon pappiyya also acted in this film. A.R.Rahman musical rocked throught the film. Nayanthara gave an guest enterance in this film, just danced for an song. The film is totally an fun pakage with lots of message.