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Friday, July 4, 2008

My company really sucks

Its really a waste of time for me to work on my company. There is no work for me in my company. Its really a hard time for me to work there. There wont be any work pressure or anything and no one is there to guide. They are just asking us to fill up a document 100 times and thats it. I'll sit and work and complete it within 3 hours and I'll submit to them, they just say its not enough go and do it again. There is nothing to learn from my company they are just making me to do the same thing every day. I've to learn it completely and go to bank and teach the bankers. Its really a hard job to do, bcoz in India most of the bankers don't know how to operate a computer. We have to teach them right from booting a computer. Its a hard and worst experience for me to work in that company.

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Inaj said...

I hope they give you other responsibilities.