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Friday, July 4, 2008

NEW! Dirt Devil® AccuCharge™ ` Think differently

What will you do to clean your house that you reside in......? Will you use a broom stick to clean the floor in this 21st century......? OR will you call up a maid for cleaning your house whenever you need.....? OR will you afford to buy a dog specially for this purpose and make it clean the floor by licking the floor all the time......? will these things be possible in actual life....? No, No one could say these things are possible.
Let me tell you some of my funniest experience that happened while me and my mom was cleaning the floor. Buy 10 O clock at the morning few of our guests promised to come to our house. Accidentally by 9.50 my mom dropped the water jug and the hall was full of water. We don't know what to do...... Then I got one idea, I took my hair dryer, Switched it ON and kept it near the wet floor to dry. Suddenly guests came in to our house and saw me using my hair dryer to clean the floor.. They all suddenly started to laugh at me.It was great shame for me, bcoz being an engineer I used to do these kind of foolish activities....The whole day went like that.. and all my relatives still used to tease me saying that you are the only person in the entire universe to use a hair dryer to clean the floor..... Isn't it funny and stupid.....To overcome from these kind of problems I've found a solution......Its very simple.......
As we have entered in to this 21st century things all around us are developing and changing daily, you cant really stick up to the past, if you does so u will be seen as a fool to the outside world. There are many brands available in the market for Dirt Cleaning purpose, but what brand I like to suggest you is the NEW! Dirt Devil® AccuCharge. This is really an awesome product, its key features being its low cost and less Energy consumption. The Energy consumptions really matter when coming to cleaning purpose, because most of them doesn't likes to use a dirt cleaner that consumes more Energy. This product really makes the other dirt cleaners to suck, because of its great Energy Saving Capability. No brands can get this Energy Star approval if they consumes more Energy, if Dirt Devil could able to get that one with ease then you could easily distinguish b/n other products with Dirt Devil. Because of this most exiting feature Dirt Devil always remains in top.

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