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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pakistan field giving Indians a Hard time

Indians are really struggling to prove themselves in Pakistan field. The Indians even though having a great bowling line up them cant able to provide results. The main reason being there is no swing in the Pakistan pitches. Ishant Sharma tries a lot to find some swing in the pitch but it was hard to make the ball swing. It was ok with Ishan because even though he cant make the ball to swing he is consistent, but Irfan cant able to do anything. Sri lankans just smashed Irfans over today, he gave 80 runs from 10 overs. We cant really complaint our bowlers, because it was the pitch that makes all the difference. It is really a hard time for Indian bowlers and the bowlers are struggling a lot. Even though our batting line is very good we cant expect 100% out of them every time. The pitch is just pulling the Indians away from the Asia Cup.

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