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Saturday, July 5, 2008

SMSes really screwing

I've got irritated with SMSes that is now becoming popular. The SMS says that you have a interview on particular date and on a particular venue. Dont accept these kind of SMSes, these are created by peoples to fool others. 2 days before I got a SMS saying that BE graduates having Infosys and Wipro interview on 5th. I rushed to the place to see that a fool have made every one fool. The message was not real, and I saw around 150 to 200 students coming to that venue bcoz of that SMS. Its really a Crack who starts all these things and make people to suffer, Its OK for me since I stay in Chennai and venue was also near to my house...But I saw many peoples coming from other locations like Trichy, Madurai,etc., to attend the interview. Whoever read this message beware of these kind of SMSes and don't accept any false informations coming thro' SMSes.. First inquire and then proceed........

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