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Monday, September 1, 2008

Top 3 torrents sites

There are many torrents sites that allows you to download your favorite videos or musics for free of cost. Let me list my favorite top 5 torrent site.

This is an awesome site where you could download any movies, videos, softwares or any thing for free of cost. There is no registeration needed at this site. You could download any torrents by just going to that site. This site mostly have only english movies, other language movies will not be seeded properly. The main advantage in this site is that there wont be any download limit and there wont be any restriction that you should maintain the upload/download ratio at a paraticular level.
This is also an good site to download movies, videos, software. The main advantage in this site is that its download speed will be good and you could get all language movies here.
This site familiar for download speed. For a 2mb bandwidth I could able to get download any files above 200kbps. This is d best torrent site ever I have seen.

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