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Monday, September 1, 2008

Fire @ Saravana Stores

Saravana stores is one of the most famous shop among all d shops at Ranganaathan street,T.Nagar, Chennai. Today morning by 6.30 am there was a huge fire that broke out in Saravana stores, Saravana Stores has many shops like saravana clothings,vessels,jewelleries. The fire accident took place at Saravan vessels shops, it is been said that Electrical short is d main cause for this accident. Since the fire accident took place @ early morinng there was no loss of life. There was a reddish and black coloured flame coming out of Saravana stores, it took around 12 to 13 hrs to bring the fire under control. It is been said that there was a loss of Rs.50 crore due to this fire accident. All the other shops where shut down the whole day.

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