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Thursday, June 26, 2008

SocialSpark a real Fire~ Check it out

It was a great experience for me writing posts for SocialSpark. I've seen many unbelievable and realistic things happening that I am waiting for days. Social Spark provides an great environment both for Bloggers and Advertisers. The most important and a valid point that I could say about Social Spark is, if you try to reserve for an offer and couldn't get one you could just hit the wait for opportunity tab. Once you hit the wait for Opportunity tab you will be added to the queue and you will be definitely responded and informed to you through your mail. You cant expect these things to occur in other sites who does the same job as Social Spark. You will defenitely feel the difference between others and SocialSpark once you join Social spark. You can easily get through people by joining any community of your choice and drive in more and more people to your blog.
Code of Ethics of SocialSpark
  • 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure:
This is done by the Social Spark to show the audience that you have written the post for Socail Spark. This is done So that your Readers should trust you, Social sparks is also committed in keeping things done in that way. The In-post disclosure is nothing but a disclosure badge, this could be found at the end of every post that is done for Socialspark.
  • 100% Transparency:
The users of Social Spark are 100% Transparent. The are well viewable by any one who comes across your blog. This is done by the Socialspark to maintain the community honest and open about transactions that occur.
  • 100% Real Opinions:
SocialSparks doesn't stops any one to write honestly about the advertisers in their blogs. If the bloggers thinks that it is dis honest to write about a particular advertisers, Socialspark asks you to pass the opportunity, because if you write dishonest articles it would defeniteltly reduce your blog credibility.
  • 100% Search Engine Friendly:
The most advantageous and a very very valid point about SocialSpark is it contains nofollow links that will help you in maintaining your page rank. The other sites other than socialspark will not allow you to place their links with "nofollow" attribute. This adds up to the service that they do for us.

I gaurantee that everyone will be overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasim once you join SocialSpark. Have fun in making money and enjoy being a member of Social Spark.

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