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Monday, June 2, 2008

Chennai super kings made $ 0.6m in IPL

After an long fight between many of its trivals Chennai superkings made $ 0.6m in IPL. Chennai have fought till its end to make $1.2m,anyway it had managed to get $0.6m. The great come back by Chennai superkings is really superb. I'm sure that in the next IPL after the arrival of Hayden and Hussey the batting order would become really strong and the bowling part will be handled well by Nitini, Gony, Jacob oram & Murali.......... and I'm sure that the next IPL is for Chennai only. The way Dhoni reacted after entering in to semis was simply mind blowing. He made every effort to see his team on top of the table and made many to wonder how this team could reach final. You cant say that Rajastan have defeated Chennai, its just their time that they took advantage of it. Being an Indian I have to definitely congratulate Yusuf pathan who stood as an single man and took his team to the victory. But being an Chennai guy I hate him a lot. Anyway Thanx to Chennai superkings for entertaining us till final and not being dropped out of the tournament before the semis and defeating its great trival teams.

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