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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Customize your Gnome and Win a $350 BestBuy Gift Card!!

Could you ever image about these kind of things happen that they would happen in your life....? Yes these happen only with your bling Gnome. Let me first of all tell what does Bling Gnome mean, because this is a new term that most of you may be unaware of. The Dungeon Runner is an Online game and it is an MMO, where multi players all around the world can play via internet. The Bling gnome is a tricked up helper to help Gnome with little bit of attitude. As per the game rules the gnome has to go to the town to sell all the collected items and convert them to gold, but using Bling Gnome the gnome in the game will automatically converts all the collected items to gold and Saves the time of the user. Isn't it interesting?
Here is the way how to win $350 worth gift card and a copy of game using your home bought gnome, it is very simple......
First buy a Gnome from a store and Dress it up with materials to bling them out. Materials such as pimp hat, Jewels, etc., can be used to make your Gnome look more attractive. Then dress your self as a Gnome and take pictures of your Pimp Daddy Gnome from at lest two sides. Then send the pictures to Gnome(Extra points will be added if you post pictures with people admiring the gnome in a public place Selected pictures will be displayed in After you have posted your pictures go to and download the free game. Please write at least 200 words about the bling game and free game on your own blog and make the gnome to reach wider, and you could download the free game for your self (or) you could even purchase a version for themselves.
Have fun in playing the game for free and do your level best to win $35o worth gift card....All the best.....

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