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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Easy way to increase your google page rank

First download the google tool bar and install. The Google tool bar will come defaultly in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. If u don't have the Google tool bar you can easily get one by searching in Google. After installing the google toolbar you could easily check the page rank of your blog. Then search for Fast blog finder in Google. Download it and install it your pc. Then open the Fast blog finder and search for blogs with any keyword like Entertainment, Music, Arts etc., The search will produce the result in your right hand side box. In it there will be an heading named page rank, click it twice, blogs with page rank high to low will be arranged in an sequence. Click on any blog with more page rank once, and then the blog opens in the box that is below to the results box. Then search for the comments area and fill in all the details and post your comments. Do this for all the blogs with page rank above 0. Then search for some other keywords and repeat the same procedure.......If you do this process for around 2 to 3 weeks then your backward link will increase abruptly and so ur page rank. Try this out...........

Click here to download Fast blog finder


Anonymous said...

Thanks man, i already downloaded the Blog Finder prgrm, but i don't know why it freezes my system, but your post really useful.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks man for your reply, i managed to have it running smooth after re-starting my pc.

Thanks again and have a nice day.