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Friday, June 27, 2008

Nintendo DS console for the youngs

This is a gaming cum learning tool that serves both as a entertainer and learning kit for the Kids. The kinds normally like to have little breaks while studying.Their mind cant concentrate on a single thing for more time, their mind have many transaction i.e from fun to study and vice versa. This helps the kids to find the exact way how to spell a word. There is a plastic pen that is attached to the tool, you have to write the word on the screen of this tool. The tool has an inbuilt speaker in it, the speaker will spell out the word that you write in. The tool can also be used as a video game, it provides more interesting games that makes the kids to work on the tool with mere interest. This tool is now launched in Japanese schoolrooms, and the teachers who works in those schools feels that this tool is really motivating the children's and making them really interested in studies.

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