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Thursday, June 5, 2008

!!!!!!!!No need of files anymore!!!!!!!!

It was a great fight back by me to see myself get placed in Sutherland global services. It was a great experience for me to seek for a nice job. I enjoyed a lot while trying for jobs, I dont know how it would be for me after getting placed in sutherland. And an important point that I have to say that made me to enjoy a lot is NO NEED OF FILES ANYMORE. I have traveled to many places with these files that troubled me a lot. I don't like carrying the files because the people around me will look at me different. Now I'm happy that I dont have to carry these files anymore. But I've to find a new job that fits me, since its an BPO company most probably I'll be out of the company in one or two months so NO need of files anymore holds good for me only for 2months.........:)

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