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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Increase Google Backlinks to increase your google page rank

The easiest way to get Google page rank is by increasing your blogs backlinks. More the Backlinks that you have for your blog more the google page rank you get. There are many ways to get googles backlinks.

  • Through C box: You could get googles backlinks thro' C-Box. What you have to do is just install the C-box in your blog and start finding friends and add your friends in your blog as I have did, most importantly Make sure that they also have added you as their friend in their blog. If they add you as their friend in their blog you will get a backlink for each person adding your link in their blog.
  • Through Fast Blog Finder: This is the most simpliest method to get Backlinks. I've discussed about Fast Blog finder in my previous post itself. Just click the below link to read more about that in detail.Fast Blog Finder
If you want to check how much backlinks does your blog have, just go to the below website. There will be a small box, Copy your blogs web address in that blog and click on submit. I'm having around 254 back links and I am damn sure that I would get google pagerank on its next update. Try this out guys and increase your google page rank before google updates its page rank.
Google Back Link Checker

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