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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My first day work experience

After spending around a half of my life in studying yesterday I went to work for the first time. My company name is Coromandel Infotech. It would hard for people when they switch from study to work, and they feel some pressure on them. But I'm very lucky to get placed in Coromandel Infotech, they respect peoples and dont put much work pressure on their employees. I found some interesting things there, U could take a break and relax yourself at any time and even you can play games like carom or chess (or) you can read newspapers. Yesterday was my first day to office, they have promised that a teaching of 45 days will be given to everyone. Since the trainer didn't came Yesterday, they allowed us to play. We spent our whole day playing and listening to music. That was a great first day experience for me.

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