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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Me and Shakthimaan in Spenzer

Me and my friend Hathim (who is familiarly know n as Shakthimaan). This name came to him because of Abubacker, who started calling him as Shathimaan.Once It was a great fight between Abu and Hathim. Finally abu surrendered to Hathim saying sorry shathimaan, u could understand these things only if u've watched Shathimaan before. Hathim and me met accidentally at spenzer plaza. Since he got placed in FEDELITY I asked him to give me a treat in spenzer, he took me to a fruit shop and we drank one strawberry and Chocolate flavored juices, And then, we talked a lot about thala and it was a great time for us while talking about our thala. We recalled about the thala sms that is rocking the whole ECE. Then we had a nice look at beautiful girls roming around. It was a great time for me with Hathim. He has already finished writing GRE but to his bad luck he didn't scored well. Now he is going to try one more time and studying in american embassy which is near spenzer. Thats it.............

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