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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Apple lauches its new 3G iPhone

The new advanced 3G wireless networks that allows much faster internet connections. The 3G network is the most advanced wireless network technology. Till now all the mobiles that had been released have only the 2G network technology, this provides only a small bandwidth that allows around 15 to 20kb/s of packet data transfer.But in the 3G networking the Bandwidth will be twice or thrice greater than the 2G model.CEO, Steve jobs, Apple Corporation, launched the new apple iPhone in San Francisco,California. The new iphone will be launced in july 11, and will sell for $199 for 8-GB model and $299 for 16-GB model. Bharti Airtel, vodafone have already chipped in, and they would launch the Apple's latest 3G networking iphone in India by the end of this year. I think this latest iPhone would surely rock.......

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