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Monday, May 12, 2008

Some interesting Jokes

  • Q: How would you identify sardar's son in a class room?

A: Its simple, check who is erasing his notes when teacher is cleaning the board...ha ha ha...think......

  • Can u believe things people do?
I was sitting next to an guy in a church at the middle of the prayer he lit up an ciggrate, I was shocked and I nearly drooped my beer......

  • Husband asked his wife in their first nite
Dariling is this really an first nite to you? She replied.....
No this is the first time ever at nite...:)

  • Doc: Your husband needs some rest. Here are some sleeping tablets.
wife: When must I give it to him doc?
Doc: These are for you....!!


randiss said...

hi. linked you. please link me too and let me know.thanks! :)

francesca said...

LOL, it was funny! i like the man in the church.. XD

4ever7 said...

So funny! Have a great morning!