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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Interesting SMSes

  • Sales man went to an house and asked to an guy,
SM: Which company tooth paste do use sir....?

guy: Baba's

SM: Which company Soap are you using sir.......?

Guy: Baba's

SM: Which company Spray are you using Sir.........?

Guy: Baba's

SM: Excuse me sir, you use only Baba's product, is it an international company....?

Guy: Actually, baba is my friend name....:)

  • A news paper published 50% of sardars r fools. All sardars protested against the news.
The next day it published 50% off sardars are not fools and sardars were very happy.

  • 2 men searching for their lost wife.
1st: How your wife look like..?
2nd: 5'11,36-2436, fair,bold,blue eyes, very sexy, wat abt urs....?
1st: " forget mine, lets search yours......:)

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