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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chennai superkings in to the semis

Chennai superkings have at last made it through the semis....... It might have been an easy entry for the chennai in to the Semis but after the Hayden and Hussey went off from the chennai superkings its being an great effort put by Kings to re build the team. But I could still say that the team is in complete without Hayden and Hussey. The bowling and batting continues work against chennai superkings....... The bowlers could not able to contain their spell and there is no solid partnerships that is maintained at any order in the batting...... There is no standard batsman who could hit atleast an half century for each and every match........ This is being an great minus for the Superkings....... To win KingsXL Punjab the Superkings has to concentrate on their batting........Lets hope for the best results........

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