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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My great interview partners

Even though there was some drawbacks in not getting placed in on campus interviews we enjoyed lot of benefits without getting placed. The main advantage in not getting placed is that we could gain enough knowledge by attending all the interviews, we will get OD for the whole day even the interview is for 5 minutes, travel more places by going to different venues, we can see more girls as we got to different college. Since the advantages are more than the dis-advantages we enjoyed the interviews. The photo that you see right side is the group of ECE guys from our college who enjoyed the campus interviews by not getting placed. Let me tell the names of those guys Sheik(me), Sathish, Mohideen, Prabakaran, Rahman, Sarfu, Wasim. Now the 4 year of my college life has been ended and now I'm in search of a good job, hope will get an right one soon......:) I write this on my b'day, not much of celebration just spending my b'day in home itself....

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Portia said...

Belated happy birthday! more power blogging!wish you all the best!Cheers!