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Monday, May 12, 2008

Comedies that rocked our class in past 3 years of my degree

Let me start of with Ajmeer, He is the guy who we think the best person for comedy, Here an important matter has to be noted, No comedies are made by Ajmeer all comedies are made by others about him.

The best comedy that he made is that, One day We all attended the quiz along with Ajmeer, the question in that quiz was in an image format, it was actually an counter, and the question was to tell the name of that counter. That time Ajmeer stood up and told its "Chinna Koundar" if you are an Tamilian you would really laugh after seeing this. Will any body with small amount of brain would ever tell this answer? Only our thala Ajmeer can do it.:)

Have you ever heard an senior being ragged by an junior? No where it happens....But it happens here with Ajmeer. He is the only guy who used to Rag the juniors with great interest, but the juniors will laugh after hearing what he tells. The first question what he asks to the juniors is about the girls in their class. It would be their first day of their college and they wouldn't been seen any girls, even though Thala would torcher them to tell the girls name and their mobile number( how they would tell without knowing, this makes Thala's ragging time an serious comedy time) the juniors would find him with that single question itself that he is not great dada and walk away without answering his questions. Then thala will come to room and simply shout and drinks some water and sleeps.

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