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Monday, May 5, 2008

Bye Bye Friends~My everlasting sweat memories

Enjoyed and shared those pleasant and beautiful movements with my friends have ended tis day. Thinking of those funny and great comedies that rocked our whole class. Our classmate Thala the main target for us, used to have good jokes(not with him just about him). Have you ever heard a name of a guy turned in to an nickname of himself.....? It happens only in our class.......With our thala(Ajmeer)......Lots have happened in our class in these past 4 years of our college life and ended very up very fast like an thunder. The things that we shared among us cant be explained just in words. Those little fights that we had with each other...that made us really close cant be forgotten ever.....The thing tat hurts me a lot is tat we cant have the same chat by sitting together in our class room and canteen....And I'm trying to reverse pedal my bicycle knowing that I'm riding in an steep down slope.........Miss you friends......I'll never forget you ever........:)

Let me list out some of my friends name who I cant forget ever in my life.......There is no particular order for these great names that stayed with my name in our attendance book.......:)

Aku, Ashik, Anees, Ajmeer, Mansoor, Sharfudin, Rehman, Liyakath, Jebran, Jafar, Jainul, Arun, Dku, Hathim, Mohideen, Abdullah, Shimar, Ahmed, Wasim, Ifthikar, Basith, Azees, Brentan, Javid, Haris vijay, Abubacker, Augustine, Deepak, Aysesha, Kalivani.........

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mangosteenskin said...


ya, i know the feelings. after years gone, somehow i lost contact with those i was so close during my college years. but like u said, we'll never forget their names. and of course, i want to meet them again!