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Saturday, March 22, 2008


After giving an hit movie Deepavali these two pairs have joined in Vazhtukal. Not much to say about this film, it was not spoken a lot about this film. The music part was handled by Yuvan Shankar Raja the guy who knows what his fans likes from him has given an yet another feast to his fans. The movie starts with a flash back by Madhavan. Madhavan the CEO of Amma hates marriage because of his friend. Maddy friend left his parents hearing to his wife speech. This made an bad impression about girls in his mind that if I get married to an girl she would definitely separate me from my family. Later he finds Bhavana in an TV channel and hears what she feels about the family that impressed maddy a lot. And then maddy falls in Love with Bhavana and the remaining part is just full of love.

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