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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kaalai – Rebel sans cause

This is the simbu's next film after Vallavan. After an long break he joined with Vedika an new face to act in Kaali. In this film Simbu acted in a different role as he acted in ThottiJaya. He is an hero plus an gangster. He used to fight for the things that he doesn't likes. Actrees Vedika looked very sexy in this film. Simbu hates her because he is not used to these kind of proposals, and his job is like stading on an knife edge and he could not think of a life partner for his life.Simbu then turns in to Kaalai with an long hair and with strange looks to destroy the enemies. I haven't seen this film but according to me this film gets 4 out of 10, and that to because of the songs by G.V.Prakash and the sexy actress vedika. An interesting thing about this film is T.R. the father of Simbu went and had a great fight with the director for taking an worst film with his son.

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Oliverdt said...

I guess its a nice movie according to your review. Thanks for sharing your blog you have a good and clear content site.