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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Anjathey-A Twisty tale of two friends

This movie is best know for its simplicity and good story. The director mysskin have did two projects in tamil Sithiram pesuthadi and Anjathey. In both the films he has a proved an single point that there is no need for spending to much money in a film to make the film an super hit its just the story line that makes the film an super hit. According to me villan prasana acted good than Naraien. Narein could not improve is way of acting even after acting 3 to 4 films. His acting is as worst as ever. The film have lots of twist in it. U cant guess what the next scene would be. The dircetor has maintained this till the end of the film. The film is fully an hero based based story and with an small part handeled by heroin. According to me you can watch two times this film in a theatre. This film can be awarded eight points out of ten.

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