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Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is the film in which these two have joined after their super hit Sami.This is an most awaited film because of the delay.Previous film for vikram which is Anniyan also been delayed more than an yaer, that turned in to an massive hit when it has been released. In this film the same thing has been awaited, vikram also told in many interviews about this film that this the film that I've enjoyed a lot and I hope that it would be a massive hit. But the reverse of it happened, the film was a great flop. According to me the film is good, but what the people couldn't digest is the action. This film has too much of actions in it just as the film puthupettai which is the Selvaragavans 3rd film with Dhanush. Puthupettai was good but with lot of actions, tamil fans hates to much of actions. The next film for vikram is Kandasamy that is being directed by Susi was also an action film I think that film would come and balance vikram after this film flop. Thirisha is becoming more and more sexy nowadays. She has improved a lot and have became an dream girl for lots of tamil fans. Let me whish vikram that his forth coming film Kandasmy to be an great hit for him........