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Friday, April 11, 2008

Worlds beautiful car park in Germany

Have a closer look at this picture by clicking on it.
This is one of the Greatest and beautiful car parking system in the world. This is in Germany. This is one of the most rarest car parking system you might have ever seen. If u see the picture in a new page you would definitely appreciate mans creations. I was stunned when I saw this picture hope you would also react the same when you see this picture. This is constructed in the car towers of the VW Autostad in Wolfsburg. This mechanism is different that the other car parking system. You have to place the car in an projecting type stand. There is an motor mechanism that moves the car places in a free space.


Crissy said...

just amazing!

Prily said...

wow!!!so brilliant! i am speechless, just superb!
By the way, thanks for dropping at my site and thanks for the add. I added u already under my Blissful Bloggers' list. Nice blog u got!

askgreg said...

Oh my, this looks really really amazing! The logistics boggles me though, what happens when a lot of people decide that they want to leave at the same time?