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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phone Booth"A ringing Phone has to Answered"-The film I loved the most

Phone Booth, this is the film I loved the most than any other English films. I started to see the English films only 2 years before when I got the internet connection and I have seen Around 30 to 35 English films . I can remember some of the good movies like Pursuit of happyness, Troy, Gladiator... But this movie I loved the most. Director Joel Shumacher has done an great Job in makinf of this film. An whole story inside an Telephone booth....Stunning....That to very interesting, waiting for the next scene.......Amazing..... If U've seen this film U could feel why I am praising this film so much. If haven't seen the film try seeing this film as soon as possible. Of all the thriller movies I've ever seen this film is a bit different with thriller from Start till the end of the film.

Story Line:
The story line Seems to be a different from other thriller films it holds its Audience in their seats. Director has manged to make the film to complete itself within 1 and quarter hour of time. The film starts with a man(stu) who is a lier getting in to a Phonebooth. He used to lie to all his friends,to his wife and even in his work place. A guy who is continuously watching his lies makes a call to him when he is in the phonebooth and points a highly magnified rifle in to stu's chest. And makes stu to admit his mistakes infront of his wife and reporters. The movie is only 1 hr long with full of thriller. Amazing movie watch it..:)
Tag lines: A ringing Phone Has to Answered, Hang up and u die, Your life is on the line.

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