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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nayantara~The girl who spilled water in Youths sleep

Nayantara--->An Sexy Storm

Have a look at her and u wont sleep for nights. An Stunning girl from kerala came to Tamil cinema Industry to spoil all youths sleep..:) She made her first film with Sarath Kumar in IYYA. Peoples went to cinema theaters to see this film b'coz of this sexy doll. The Song Athiribathiri kathirika turned in to an great hit b'coz of Nayanthara and her mini skirt.

Later she Joined with Rajinikanth in the movie Chandramuki.She played a decent role in that film. She was an song teacher in that film and lover of Rajinikanth(Super Star). This is an great Chance for her to bench mark herself in tamil industry b'coz no one could ever get a chance that much earlier with Rajinikanth. She then gave an item number in Ghajini to satisfy the thirts of her fans. Then she made an film with Simbu in which she committed herself both in film and with Simbu. Later she realized the fantasies of Simbu and said bye bye to him. And she later joined with S.J.Surya in Kalvanin Kathali in Which she looked to HOT than ever before. As we all know about Suryas films even an fish market girl looks sexy in his films....:)

Her current project Yaaradee Nee Mohini is with Dhanush son-in-law of Rajini.This is a much awaited film as it is an Tamil remake of Selvaragavans film Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule. She looks damn hot in that film stills this an definite treat for all her fans....:)Lets wait and watch how good she is in that film.Songs have also came good in that Film.

her: She is an cute girl with Childish Character. She used to spend more time with her family. She loves her fans very much U will get reply from her surely if u send an mail to her in her fans Website. She is an great music Lover spends most of her leisure time in hearing musix. She is an fun lover and very very childish as u can note if u see her interviews. She wont spend her free time in outing. She loves to stay in her house during free time. Her other passions are Cooking and playing with pets...:)


ammuthalib said...

hey i have added u under the name sheik.. welcome by te way.. i like trichy very much... assalaams by the way... please add me and let me know after u add....

haze said...

She is totally stunning! A perfect doll I would say, lol.

Thanks for adding my link and I added you in return.

Enjoy your weekend!

Portia said...

Very beautiful star!I love how you featured her!Great post!
Yup,i am linking you,my friend!Stay connected!