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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Project partner and Me....:)

This is ASHIK my project mate and a good Friend of mine. This still was shot when we were in Kodai kaanal. Our entire class itself went to this tour during semester holidays.

  • About Ashik
He is an decent guy with cute smile. He loves talking about sports(Football), History, Wild animals.....He is little bit Lazy guy sleeps all the time when he is at home. And not interested in college functions like Culturals, Meetings........He is an guy with positive attitude feels straight to express what he is having in his mind. Let me tell an incident that recognizes him that he is an very straight forward person. One day sir was teaching fiber optics in our class, the chapter was a little bit bore. We where fully unsettled with that, we thought how to make sir to stop the class. That time Ashik the man who stopped the class by sending an brilliant sms to sir"Hey man ur class is boring just get off from here". The sir immediately responded by moving away from the class.... Thanks to Ashik...Later he faced more problems thats not the matter......But still this incidence tells that he is a Brave and a Straight forward guy.......He sings very well(loudly) it would be like 10 people shouting at a time....Wow what a singer......

  • About our project
I've to definitely mention few things about how we manged to complete our project work. When we have reached our final semester we went to an project center to register our name. Then after two months that is during our final review we went to the project center to get our project but the guy( thunder eyes) project center manager told your project is not ready yet, You have to wait 1 week for your project to be completed. I dont know what to do because we have to submit our project for the final review. Then again ASHIK the brave man did an magic he just went to his friends house and got his project from him and brought the project directly to the final review. I was shocked how he got the project at the last minute. I asked him about that matter he just smiled and I then left that matter Because if I asked him about that continuously he will think that he is an great man. Personally I don't want to hurt people ......:)

Still there is much about him to say he is an good athlete. He is playing eleven in our 22 balls team(ECE'A' Cricket team). We managed to go till the final unbeaten, but just cant make through it, just miss. Anyway our fnds did an fine job going till the finals and I have to mention few names of our cricket team who did extremely well in making our team reach finals Anish, Ajmeer, Karthik, Karthik, Zaheer, Ashik, Brenton, Jafar, Augustine.

I've plenty to talk about him but it wont be enough to describe about him.

This is me, We took this still in munaar. We enjoyed a lot in munaar. This is still is actually taken to capture the girls who are passing behind me but its my bad luck because, no one in that group is beautiful enough to see. Have a closer look at this still.

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