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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1 Snowboarding

Jeenyus Snowboard: A Blast from the past. Jeenyus started as an independent snowboard company and they are well known for the being better for beginners. Jeenyus were good for breaking into recreational snowboarding. Jeenyus snowboards never caught on as widespread as 'C1rca' or Burton snowboards. Jeenyus board designs tended to go the opposite ways of most of their rivals.Instead of going for flashier an showier boards that exploded with "cool" and "hip" designs that seemed to have enough going on to keep even the most attention deficit. Jeenyus Snowboards was part of the Fourstar Distribution network along with C1rca, Forum, Blend, and Foursquare, among others. Jeenyus Snowboards wont make any new models, as their company is now part of the Burton line of snowboards. You could find Jeenyus boards online on used snowboard stores, eBay, and other places. Please visit and you could find many interesting articles in that website. You could find articles that will help you to learn Snowboarding and many other useful articles for those who go snowboarding. They have an article named snowboard helmet, In that article the freshers are given training and they have also told about the dangers that may come because of not wearing proper helmets. In that article they have told that "Not wearing a snowboard helmet would be the same as not wearing a helmet on a motorbike, and I think we all know what the dangers of that are! So, if you want to keep your brains in your head this year, make sure you have a helmet on". They also have articles related to snowboard stores, if you have plans to buy snowboard accessories you could get an clear idea of what do you need to buy before going in to snowboarding. In that article they also provide idea for you to buy or rent certain accessories. You could also get a clear idea of what style do u need to maintain while going for snowboarding. To know more about their articles Please visit their site