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Sunday, November 2, 2008

My.Suit Men’s Professional Fashion allows you to buy suits for you at your own style. At Mysuit there is a process called Made to Measure, this process allows you to design your own suit, this process involves 3 easy steps, they are:

  1. Measuring.
  2. Styling.
  3. Fabric Selection.
You will be guided through all the process by a consultant, he will ask question, answer questions and also offer suggestions that will be useful for you to design your own suit. Consultant will take all his effort to make sure that you are completely comfortable with your My suit experience.

  • Measuring: The first thing your consultant will do is determine your body type and fit you with a "Gauge Suit". Consultant will take 30 measurements, this is to ensure that they offer better fitting, better looking suit.

  • Styling: Consultant will give you 2 choices while styling your suit, its Jacket type and pant type. Consultant will also tell you what combinations of style elements comprise traditional or conventional suit styles.

  • Fabric selection: They offer 5 most popular jacket types in the U.S and Europe from which you could select that one as per your wish. Consultant will show you several detailed option to personalize your selection.
Just vist their site and you could get a suit for you at your own style which is done by you.

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